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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 11:46

December 1st is World Aids Day

December 1st is World Aids Day
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Memorial Antalya Hospital officials at the Department of Infectious Disease Specialist Dr..

Antalya news: Memorial Antalya Hospital officials at the Department of Infectious Disease Specialist Dr.. Cute Elm, HIV infection, sexual contact is the most common mode of transmission, he said.
DR. Elmer, HIV infection has infected two to four weeks after influenza infection begins as a later years of the silent era enters, said:"This long-term virus, the immune system body from germs that protects cells proliferate and maintains a presence. 10th year may exceed a period at the end of the immune system inability to emerge starts viruses in the blood increases the amount of CD4 cells is reduced and the immune system crashes. Consequently normally rare, some infectious diseases and some types of cancer in these patients is more common,"he said.
in HIV infection the most common mode of transmission is sexual contact that Dr.. Cute Elmi, the spread of the disease as defined in the first 10 years the relationship has occurred primarily homosexual, today the spread of HIV infection mainly straight roads is 60 to 70 percent, he said. Infection of HIV-positive people with a single sexual contact even enough that reported dr.elm the said :"C insel number of contacts increases the likelihood of contamination is increasing. Sexual contact, use condoms during infection reduces the risk, but suitable material not been and puncture in case the risk entirely not eliminate. HIV is the second most common mode of transmission, intravenous drug users in common they share needles are. Intravenous drug use reduction and for these people shared needle use prevention contamination may be reduced. in our country since 1987, all for blood donors mandatory ELISA HIV test is made of blood and blood products contamination has decreased a lot."
women of childbearing age REQUIRED TESTS MUST BE
virus, disease-carrying from mother to baby, before birth, during birth or after the infected could make noticeable dr.elm, the words continued as follows :"A nn the milk transmission of the virus can cause. childbearing age all women about AIDS information and if necessary taking the test is recommended. already pregnant HIV is sticking, pregnant and postnatal infant preventive drug treatment, giving birth by cesarean section to perform and breastfeed her baby to avoid contamination with significant avoidable. health workers HIV infection passage of the most commonly used needle sticking with it is. healthcare professionals working preservative to take measures (such as gloves) start treatment as soon as possible after injury dependent disease protective switching can be prevented."
HIV despite being included in many body fluids, blood, secretions of men and women with sexually transmitted reminding Dr. Elmi, said :"D business environment more than a few hours dead virus spreads through the air does. Touching, shaking hands, cheek to cheek kissing, shaking hands at work in the same environment to work, same phone, same cup using the same pool, bathroom and toilet to share the tears, sweat and does not transmitted by mosquito bites."

of various drugs used in the treatment of HIV infection, explaining that Dr.. Elmi, said continued :"D oday used combination therapy virus in the blood decrease the number of and the immune system lasting protection can provide. But with drug treatment of HIV infection, the complete elimination is not possible for these drugs lifetime use is required. treatment even break a few days can cause the virus to develop resistance. continues the search for an HIV vaccine."With treatment in recent years due to AIDS death rates begin to decline explaining Elmi, said completed :"1 Monospace on World AIDS Day social awareness creation, people with HIV/AIDS transmission routes shall be informed about safe and healthy sexual life, raise awareness, condom use dissemination, emphasizing HIV-infected to non-discrimination, these people in no way not to blame, yargılanmaması and ostracized for not need to draw attention to is important."

December 1st is World Aids Day" comments for.


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