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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2013, Cuma 10:16

Decides to strike footballers in France

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PARIS (AFP)-In France, the tax will be 75 percent of the state's football players after notification of football players decided to strike.

Paris news: Lig'indeki Professional Football Clubs
France, President François Hollande'nin 'high salaries 75 percent import tax on' refuses to step on the players said they had received the decision of the strike. Following the announcement of this decision on November 29 -2 A , which will be played between ecem ber 15 in Ligue 1, and the Ligue 2, 16 weeks games leaving. France the latest soccer strike was made in 1972.
Last night Hollande met with the heads of the club, they are excluded from the decision of the president appealed to the tax. However, learned that he had to leave empty-handed club presidents meeting. Hollande'nin meeting, the presidents, 75 percent of income for income tax on the decision of one million euros,"relevant to all companies"should be implemented as specified.
Club presidents, the other option of going on strike in front of kalmadığını said.
France Professional League (LFP) Frederic Thiriez President,"the President listened attentively, but certainly did not hear us,"he said.
Hollande'nin election promises is one of the biggest decision of 75 per cent of the rich, an important contribution to next year's budget is expected to provide. France's second largest economy in the euro zone, which will help close the budget deficit inflated"wealth tax"did not yet been approved by parliament.
French Professional Football Clubs Association last month, has decided to strike to protest the government's tax plans, but the final decision Hollande after the interview was left to do with.
Hollande'nin companies and individuals income tax plan enters into force in excess of one million euros in the first place out of part of the years 2014 and 2015, 75 percent of the state income tax to pay. This application is a total of 44 million euros in the first league clubs will bring additional financial burden.
Super star Zlatan Ibrahimovic Qatari investors bought and wore the uniform of the Paris St. Germain club due to the presence of at least 20 million euros to pay tax.
1 million euro annual income tax under the decision of the four players in the first league club will not be affected. Pay all additional taxes in the second league clubs. Remains below the income limit of approximately 120 million players.
Tax Another issue fueling the debate Ribolovlev funded by Russian billionaire Dmitry AS Monaco in France does not have to pay taxes. Which has a special status in the ongoing case in Monaco will be obvious whether or not the taxpayer.

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