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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:24

DEDAS village in Mardin Işıklandırıy

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Dicle Electricity Distribution Company ( DEDAS ) care for the village of Mardin Provincial Directorate , while repair and renovation work was carried out numerous village squares and street lighting .

Mardin news: obsolete electrical installations in the southern village of the team DEDAS free renewing a Photo Artuqid district , the village did the lighting work. First summer season loose power lines stretching DEDAS teams who work in , was the maintenance of the transformer that supplies the village board , power lines are obsolete cables running from the house , changed with new ones. Teams in the village , while direct intervention in troubled changed as the designated broken insulators. DEDAS teams, street and square, by installing lighting lamps at the poles , Southerners were illuminated .
Southern village of thanks they DEDAS officials because of the study of the inhabitants of this village, made ​​the maintenance, repair, renewal and lighting work was announced that made ​​in other villages.

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