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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:53

Delegation in Sarajevo next to Canakkale

Delegation in Sarajevo next to Canakkale
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Of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo Regional Development Agency SERD and Bosnia and Herzegovina Relations Development Center Foundation of officials from businessmen, in order to improve mutual trade relations on Thursday October 16 will Dardanelles .

Çanakkale news:
past the end of September , Sarajevo realized after the visit , Bosnian businessmen in Çanakkale ağırlayacaklarını said Canakkale Governor Ahmet Cinar \"past the end of September in Sarajevo a short official visit we did. there with businessmen , Development Agencies with the manager , Sarajevo of President Mohammad Kozadr and BIGMEV officials and a series of interviews we did. Development Agency officials with the GMK between the Cooperation Protocol have signed . these during our visit to Sarajevo Development Agency managers and BIGMEV authorities in our province have invited . now that our invitation under the Bosnian authorities and the bigmev managers our province October 16, 2014 on Thursday our province they come. mutual trade relations , cooperation and investment, we'll see . I that our studies any concrete results to come , concrete developments that hope , \"he said .
Bosnian war, the traces still bears saying that the Governor Plane \"Today, this massacre is still suffering the scars are seen in Bosnia . Traces of lead in homes , top tracks , very intense war era tunnels reflects a tragedy to us . The fate of many of wartime losses still unclear . Srebrenica massacre there in our meetings to educate orphaned children in the Dardanelles , and they take as the Governor spoke about the costs . Canakkale talked about the development of cooperation and investment . For this purpose, both the authorities and BİGMEV SERDA officials have invited our province . I think that will be a successful presentation and interview . Long-term and tangible results that will arise in our work . I as well as our guests in our province and our businessmen Bosnian wish you success in negotiations . Developing both commercial and I hope our friendship from history , \"he said .


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