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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:45

Dell Family of New Products in Turkey

Dell Family of New Products in Turkey
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The world's leading technology company Dell, the industry's thinnest and lightest mobile workstation Precision M3800, Latitude series of the new ultrabook members of the E7240 and E7440 with the family's new tablet Dell Venue ™ Pro in Turkey and offered for sale.

İstanbul news: The world's leading technology company Dell, the industry's thinnest and lightest mobile workstation Precision M3800, Latitude series of the new ultrabook members of the E7240 and E7440 with the family's new tablet Dell Venue ™ Pro in Turkey and offered for sale.
world's most advanced end to end solution provider to be remarkable for its efforts, Dell workstations, tablet and Latitude family, today unveils the new products in Turkey. Dell Emerging Markets Region End User Products Marketing Manager Burak winds down,"the Dell family added to this exciting new members, both corporate users and IT managers will delight features. This new series of our customers with their field of study touch capabilities, adding today's dynamic work force needs have and fulfill the demands we have. new Latitude 7000 Series, security, manageability, durability and beautiful design complete corporate notebook space to redefine the purpose of the award-winning XPS and Latitude 6430 based on the development,"he said.
drew nowadays people from the technology most superior experience Wait what, underlining"users to the internet continuously connected to and where they want be in possession mobile technology to rely on. Dell Venue ™ Pro 11 tablet Our users the Dell come to expect from the excellent experience they wish so, time and place will be proud of a design study that enable a performance gives"he said.
FOR BUSINESS new Latitude Ultrabook ™
secure, manageable and robust commercial PC series, the Latitude E7240 and E7440 newest members Ultrabook ™ slim design quality and durability of the body, bringing together a wide range of solutions for companies of all sizes offer. Ultrabook touch screen options with clients to interact better, allowing students to interact strengthens patient care improves and colleagues cooperation between the increase of corporate touch devices in the field of industry leadership is doing.
New Latitude 7000 Series, these two new products, security , manageability, durability and stylish design completed in order to redefine the field of enterprise laptop Latitude 6430 based on the award-winning XPS and improved. In the series, the best in class with Dell Data Protection solutions, Dell Data Protection | Encryption with sophisticated encryption and Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace with advanced authentication and the latest malware protection through features the world's most secure Ultrabook are capable of being. Dell, the field of IT time and cost savings to be helped to be developed with these devices, the industry's best managed commercial PCs, faster installation, better tracking and easier to update the specific Intel vPro extensions and automated tools with offers.
Dell Latitude, the strength of their passion in the family also found a body corporate PC. Latitude Ultrabook and laptop computers, each of brushed aluminum, reinforced magnesium alloy, strong steel hinges, woven carbon fiber, durable powder coated lower body, spill-resistant keyboard and LCD seal as best using materials produced. In addition, in all of Dell's touch screen for the best viewing experience, the touch sensitivity, brightness and durability features are also included. E7240 and E7440 series are also found in the Latitude 7000 touch screen in the sector, in the general notebook computers screens are mainly used in material soda-lime glass, compared with scratches up to 10 times higher than that confers resistance Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass NBT ™ was used. Latitude laptops, StrikeZone ™ shock absorbers, Fast Response Free-Fall Sensor hard drive protection, and is offered with rubber. Latitude family, the previous generation of three products made by third parties in the MIL-STD 810G and STRONG , known as the performance was better than its competitors in endurance tests. Dell Latitude E7240 and E7440, will meet with consumers at the touch system.
Dell Venue Pro:Easily connect, SHARES AND ACCESS Co.
Dell ' In launching the offer and sale of the product in another Dell Venue Pro ™ tablet was 11. Venue ™ Pro 11 will meet the needs of people on the move was designed to provide comprehensive size and function. Complete with keyboard and stylus options for Windows 8.1-based tablet, the level of performance of the end users like the ability to design and build a solution that combines fast. Venue ™ Pro 11 full compatibility with the IT department at the same time, the current Windows applications and Microsoft Office integration features to be integrated with the existing enterprise environment offers as well. TPM as an option on the tablet, as well as advanced security features and services are taking place. That it offers long battery life from being no longer of concern involved. Users provided with the device, and Office 2013 Home & Student with the optional Dell Active Sylus able to maintain their productivity. Dell Venue Pro Ultrabook power of 11 tablets flexibility 2 in 1 detachable keyboard offers comfort and desktop computing experience. Unlike the rival tablets can be removed by Dell Venue Pro users 11/new with a battery that is installed. Wide, Full HD display with wide viewing angle even when the mobile content easy to read and can be created makes. Dell Venue Pro 11 with a number of keyboard and stylus options are offered for sale.
The world's thinnest and lightest mobile workstation Precision M3800 TURKEY
at Dell the thinnest and lightest 15-inch mobile workstation, the Dell Precision M3800 true in Turkey has announced that it offered for sale. Beautiful design with ultra-thin structure, which combines workstation-class performance with the Dell, according to images and media mobility, power and style conscious looking for a design engineer to digital content producers and offers a unique system. Dell Precision M3800 Dell's new product, which is less than 18 mm thick and has a starting weight of 1.88 kilograms. In addition, dual cooling system and M3800 equipped with NVIDIA ® Optimus ™ technology, which can take up to 10 hours 6 minutes of battery life offers. M3800, the regulation of video during shooting, CAD ideas to be presented in a stylish way for customers on the move and conversion of 3D animation and modeling provides performance.

Dell Family of New Products in Turkey" comments for.


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