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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:47

Demiröz Investments viewed in Ahlat

Demiröz Investments viewed in Ahlat
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Justice and Development Party (AK Party) deputy Valerie Demiröz Bitlis , examining investments made in Ahlat district officials received information about the work .

Bitlis news: Photo Ahlat Mayor Mumtaz A. Shepherd made ​​with the county and the ongoing construction of the new visual information field studies over Demiröz, said he would continue unabated investment. MPs Demiröz Commenting on the investment made in the district , said the stagnant time then invest in Ahlat stating quite accelerated , \"Ahlat did not have an organized outside the park previously subjected to the park. Snacky in a few visits, we think about it. MoEU of our visit have also made ​​this offer . this park together , we thought a space both to benefit from both the beach lake to relax the parents came with their children. There will be some physical tools for making the morning sports . Sports fields and we will walk park . shall be also in the social reinforcement. Today Ahlat't what is being done and what kind have shortcomings , we check them out. our work after a stagnant period last Ahlat continues apace . I know I have the more diverse needs . Football fields have done recently . I know that difficulty in the field of our fans. I hope this investment will continue its efforts in our President . These , as well as a water project in mind . We want to start a study of energy that can be produced. In addition, we will have both indoor market in both AVM Akhlat. Along with our President, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's period of our visit we talked about such a project. He attracted considerable interest in him. The pear architecture gave instructions regarding the proper construction of a shopping mall . We have projected the Ahlat Provinces with our Mayor , the Bank channels . Provinces interested in the bank. Becoming a total investment of around £ 20 million . Inside the mall , arcade, fitness center, will be a good place to find parking and many social and cultural fields . There are a total of 17 thousand square meters of construction area. It will be 8 thousand 500 square meters of salable area . Ahlatli's going to be quite a nice area . In this way, municipalities will be providing its own financial resources . Perhaps, a greater Tatvan center in the region. As architectural designs reminiscent of Akhlat. Hopefully we will bring with it the opening of our President share . Together, we will enjoy it, \"he said. Road works ongoing construction in the Photo District also viewed Demiröz , stating that the roads last year was so bad , he said this year a very nice work started. Demiröz:\"11 thousand square meters of the contract was made. I hope that we will have a more tender if we can solve this problem . Already started in some of our president . I hope to finish this year, the municipality issues the way. A good time in the season. We need to finish a large portion before winter . The weather is going well. Hopefully 15-20 days more air ends up a large part of the road construction work if it continues in this way , \"he said . The Photo Ahlat Mayor A. Mumtaz Shepherd , stressing that Ahlatli were worthy and beauty of every innovation , \"Deputy our together time Prime Minister of we visited with President R. Tayyip Erdogan . There is also this project we bring our agenda. We began our work in it . They already gave the greatest support . Our next project will also need to see this support as well as our lawmakers hope our Prime Minister and President Akhlat. Everything is for our people . Ahlatlı is worthy of any kind of innovation and beauty . Work with us is falling . Our next project will conduct at least this large-scale project or converting any more . Avm'miz hopefully will expire at the end of 2015. I thank once again our solicitor and our President Vedat Bey Demiröz \"he said.


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