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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 17:15

Demirsoy from the \"Dance of Color \"Interview

Demirsoy from the \
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The seminar, organized by Prof. Private Sanko Schools .

Gaziantep news: The seminar, organized by Prof. Private Sanko Schools . Dr. . Sankol Demirsoy students and invited guests \"Color of the Dance\"has told .
earlier in Gaziantep variety of reasons stating scientist , Sanko University President Ahmet Exam, Sanko University School of Medicine Dean Salih Murat Akkin , Gaziantep University Faculty of Education Dean Mehmet Özaslan and Sanko University academics, private Sanko Schools General Manager Murat Köylüoğlu , principals, teachers and students participate in an interview research from nature, his examples shared with .
colors when, why , and why the emergence of living organisms to use it explaining Demirsoy in nature first arose, the color is green , he said. 200 million years ago starting with plants among insects decomposition dance of colors launch the expression that Demirsoy different colors to insects to signal and to attract formed , so that the color insect attracting flowers create a new type to prepare the ground was emphasized.
Demirsoy, \"each flowers from their own beetle appeal. insects ultraviolet poloriz to see rays because we see colors more colors will see . us yellow and white flowers like you have come . But lots of flowers white background ultraviolet rays like a mirror reflecting , \"he said .
Research during the the photographs taken as an example showing the Demirsoy, African tribes , especially the world of the cultures of flowers and insects in this color harmony influenced by and imitate what they said.
world of 6 billion people to the others resemble , as flowers also differ from one another noted that the Demirsoy \"My research thus in the world and many parts of Turkey found as a person, it's a world of color and beauty for the protection of effort we need ,\"he said .
Abdulkadir Konukoğlu Sports and Cultural Center Conference Hall interviews at the end Demirsoy students'questions answered .
inquire , investigate, high awareness , nature and humanity, caring young people grow describing what private Sanko School Director Ihsan İçbudak , plants and animals living the adventure actually humanity how inspiring examples of what the students and invited guests sharing with seminal Demirsoy thanked .
private Sanko Schools General Manager Murat at the end of the interview Köylüoğlu Demirsoy specific to Gaziantep with copper plates and flowers were presented .
Hacettepe University Faculty of Science Department of Biology in 2011 from the faculty member who retired Demirsoy textbook, research, experimentation and scientific novels include numerous books including . Turkey fauna as well as the environment , biodiversity and biology studies and initiatives related to education recognized Demirsoy world for 12 years on behalf of TUBITAK Turkey Biology Olympiad team helped prepare and participate in contests . TUBITAK \"Ecology-Based Nature Summer Schools took part in the formation and served as trainers .

Demirsoy from the \"Dance of Color \"Interview" comments for.


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