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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 15:01

Democracy Festival in lotus

Democracy Festival in lotus
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Nilufer Nilufer Municipality and City Council organized by citizens going to the polls for the first time in Turkey was determined neighborhood committee members.

Bursa news: Nilufer Nilufer Municipality and City Council organized by citizens going to the polls for the first time in Turkey was determined neighborhood committee members. Photo lily pads in Bursa went to the polls at the end of the week. Nilufer Nilufer Municipality and City Council in order to promote democracy from the local neighborhood committee which launched in 2009, was determined to re-do the selection. Nilufer 64 citizens in funds established in the neighborhood vote using , wanting to have a say in city administration was racing to take place in about one thousand two hundred candidates neighborhood committees . Photo Özlüce Quarter Nilufer Mayor voting in the headman Mustafa BOZBEY , municipalities Nilufer not the president or the top executives stressed that it is important that what the people say . Bozbey \"from us if the conception of democracy in our country, building , street neighborhood , the neighborhood of the city , could spread to the country from the city , then this is the future of democracy in our country. It was not what what those in certain positions , those services that demand will become more important to say what the community and beneficiaries using the service . In our country, air , water, and democracy, which needs much bread , freedom and peace demand but we can put it that way , \"he said . Photo Bozbey, noting that constitute the urban consciousness of the neighborhood committee , said he would be having services performed in accordance with the decision of Photo citizens . The importance of democracy Referring Bozbey, \"we strengthen the general to the understanding of democracy from the local appreciated in our country that there are really freedom and peace, to live together , which is nice in the Pact of these lands formed in the drawn Anatolia with national boundaries , together, really , in peace and happiness, one that we will live othering my faith forever. we are moving this belief , \"he said .
week using the end came to the polls to vote and the candidate neighborhood committee membership thanking Nilüferliler Bozbey ,\"Now democracy, freedom and participatory democracy because the Lotus concept mentioned years will rise. in our country, we believe that the formation of an environment dominated by peace and tranquility . in the development of democracy and democratic consciousness using today vote'I'm in'the candidate saying , here carrying out work on behalf of democracy and effort I thank you sincerely on behalf of future supplies which all our people , \"he said. Photo Nilüfer Municipality initiated by'neighborhood committees'practice in Turkey at the neighborhood level to create local government units carry a pioneer in terms of quality . Nilufer neighborhood committees established by the citizens of the City Council is provided through participation in the decision-making process . The Committee is chaired by the vice president and a secretary headman with two neighborhood committees composed of members of the City Council will be represented in the Lotus . Reduced , health centers, sports clubs, representatives of organizations such as mosques association that acts as natural members . Priority issues in the meetings of the neighborhood committee tabled multi-actor , trying to run a participatory process .

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