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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:38

Denial of Agos newspaper News of the Bitlis Governor's Office

Denial of Agos newspaper News of the Bitlis Governor's Office
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Deputy Governor of Bitlis Salih Altun, the Agos newspaper , \"deputy governor admitted hostility to Armenian heritage\"has denied the news report titled .

Bitlis news: In statements
Authority Salih Altun, on October 25, Turkey Architects and Engineers organized by the Chamber and Bitlis Eren University'History of the Arts Empowerment and said future Safely Transferred to the changed deliberately in his opening speech at the Workshop. Lyrics of the distorted disclaimer required on this issue , type the name of expressing it was sent to the newspaper Altun, said the legal process that they started .
The statement made by the Bitlis Governor's Office relating to the same subject , the Agos newspaper in the top page of copy on November 7, 2014 the day \"I do not like the man's building \"title with the news Deputy Governor Salih Altun an Armenian monastery has suggested that negative remarks about the restoration , but the newspaper's inside pages and the website\"deputy governor admitted that the hostility of the Armenian heritage \"in public with a head for creating false facts it was stated that a notice is published . The statement, \"also from the same news in social media , \"deputy governor admitted that the hostility of the Armenian heritage \"head and deputy governor Salih Altun's Agos newspaper with the photo shared several times from the Twitter account and the goal of reaching a wider audience deputy governor we willingly or unwillingly target is shown when . Agos examined mentioned the news in the newspaper , \"William Saroyan's name, the family that first lived in Bitlis and question marks about giving the street where the house did not find any response'after called Bitlis Deputy Governor Salih Altun October 25, 2014 the day the'Historical Monuments of Empowerment and Future Safely Transferred to do during the workshop his opening speech , misperceptions binding , although the news is not irrelevant is trying to establish . the report Deputy Governor Salih Altun Ottoman Empire and the Seljuks of the past heritage'ancestors , our saying after also emphasized he was talking about , the beginning of the paragraph subtracting end , detached from the speech integrity'I do not like a man made ​​building is a building that I also love ! Why do I protect ?'Perceptions regarding the restoration of said like the words of an Armenian monastery was asked if rendered. However, this sentence is also one of the most important ways to protect cultural assets in order to emphasize that it is critical to get rid of the paradox disparage the past as has been said in quotes. However, despite all the efforts and artful word game news headlines are emerging even at first reading to be a complete contradiction between the news stories . When the news content despite all the distortions Deputy Governor Salih Altun which could not be revealed under any circumstances admit that hostility in the words of the Armenian heritage. Deputy Governor Salih Altun, no mention of this understanding may come to exert as mentioned in the opening speech of the workshop topics in the news report of the conversation does not have the slightest interest in . Due to a transition point between the west by the Bitlis in the Caucasus and eastern Mesopotamia every time attracted the interest of civilization , after pointing out that many important civilizations built major works by living in Bitlis, the protection of these works and has been referred to the importance primarily the exits with intangible cultural heritage to be carried into the future . In continuation of the conversation of civilization has managed to live together in peace in this region which is the youth that live on shared values ​​and of explaining to future generations , the history of the popularization and noted that contribute to the preservation of these works , including our Governor preservation of cultural heritage in the province of Bitlis , restoration and all kinds of support for the transfer of it is specified that will continue to provide \"the statement said.

Denial of Agos newspaper News of the Bitlis Governor's Office" comments for.


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