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  • 09 Eylül 2014, Salı 15:33

Denizli'Home Hemodialysis \"Starting the application

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Denizli State Hospital by the General Secretariat of the Union for dialysis patients'home hemodialysis'application is initializing.

Denizli State Hospital by the General Secretariat of the Union for dialysis patients'home hemodialysis'application is initializing.
Denizli State Hospital located within the General Secretariat of the Union of dialysis patients treated in hospitals in Turkey will be an example for starting an application . Public Denizli State Hospital for the first time will be initiated by the Secretary General of the Union'Home Hemodialysis'education through the application of dialysis patients receive their treatment at home can do themselves . In this way, 3 days a week for 4 hours instead of 8 hours per day of dialysis patients who receive the blood accumulated in the hazardous materials to be cleaned will increase, consequently the patient's life expectancy and quality will be increased .
Denizli State Hospital Association Secretary General of the Op. Dr. Osman Acar, the three moved to the neighborhood due to the General Secretariat visited Denizli State Hospital Dialysis Center , gave the good news to dialysis patients . Home hemodialysis applications will begin within the General Secretariat of the Acer said , after the end of the bidding phase shift to hemodialysis at home , he said. Acer , \"the General Secretariat depends on our Denizli State Hospital, 24 , Acipayam State Hospital, 9 and Civril State Hospital 12 including a total of 44 dialysis device we have . Denizli located across 825 dialysis patients from the 201 persons unity depends on our dialysis centers are treated . dialysis centers, physical , medical , technical and personnel of the utmost equipped and full capacity is running. Unions patient as our long and quality life contribute to , the dialysis service quality in order to increase our planned the most advanced medical and technical infrastructure , as required , prepared new service building and home hemodialysis our application dialysis for our patients get better , \"he said .
\" pATIENT asleep at night dIALYSIS tREATMENT RATES wILL \"
dialysis services is extremely important , and patients on dialysis social life away from having their home hemodialysis at the point of application explaining how engaged Op. Dr. Osman Acar, \"dialysis treatment to prolong better and adequate dialysis will be . Home hemodialysis obtained thanks to the comfort, freedom outside the main significant gains of patients for longer periods such as 4 hours instead of 8 hours of dialysis can remove them is that ,\"he said . With
home hemodialysis patients from liquid shutter speed will be reduced by half in patients with intradialytic hypotension , cramps will not experience side effects such as record Op. Dr. Acer , due to the accumulation of harmful substances can be cleaned better would be a reduction in symptoms of muscle and bone , bone structure could be observed in the recovery , he said. Quality of life, depression, sleep quality, memory, and that would be an improvement in sexual function, Op. Dr. Acer , dialysis time of application of the patient depending on the request will be determined , especially at night dialysis with an entire day to the patient gain that the patient's job , school, family or other activities to him for taking the time announced possible .

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