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  • 30 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:21

Denizli Municipality Celebrates 138 Age

Denizli Municipality Celebrates 138 Age
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Denizli celebrated 138'inc anniversary of the municipal organization.

Denizli news: Denizli celebrated 138'inc anniversary of the municipal organization. Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan , in a ceremony celebrated as the first Metropolitan Municipality , \"150'nc in our organization we want to get a different municipality of Denizli. Our goals high ,\"he said . Photo Denizli in a ceremony so 138'inc anniversary of the municipal organization. Delikliçın is a ceremony in front of the Atatürk Monument in the Square , Denizli Governor Sukru Kocatepe , Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan , previously Mayor Ali Dartanel , Zia Tıkıroğl , Ali Marim, Ali Aygören with Hosni Example and Ferit Ali Küçükada relatives , Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Mustafa Unal, Deputy Mustafa Gökoğlan , Aytaç Turgut , Ibrahim Ozsoy, joined the circle heads and municipal employees . Photo Zola's President put a wreath at Ataturk Monument ceremony began with the previous period, together with the mayor continued by reading the National Anthem . President Zolan , where his speech, thanking everyone who attended the anniversary , \"Full 138 years ago today, was established in Denizli, a city on October 30 . 138 years ago, the steps taken starting on this path , we look at the point today we come now Denizli a large village , 15-20 thousand population , has reached the metropolitan and reached 970 thousand population. Organizations in the first signature assigns from and all the presidents of our who served the first president from Denizlimiz so far , council members and all our municipal employees , all brothers and sisters that is bothering the trouble of Denizli , all great our gratefulness I pay tribute , \"he said . thanking President Zolan mayors participating in the Photo ceremony, \"There are our president who came to the ministerial level in whether the Presidency . I thank you for the services provided by Nihat Zeybekci our Minister of congratulatory telegrams and to Denizli , \"he said . 138 years ago, began walking the stronger , increase would continue representing President Zola, said:Photo \"Here then by 30 March Denizli, was greater . Hopefully services will continue to grow . Fast the point of being Denizlimiz the now world city Looking back we will see with all that it is advancing step , the witnesses will be . you're happy everyone would want it, all kinds of trouble to cure Let's , let's greet the demand of each tulle . we bring I wish instead to the letter what you have in terms of Urbanism. I hope them all our previous presidents together , working with our friends , the assembly of our members , 19 district mayor , and our least we will not we will fulfill entering arm and arm with all our people . in 2023 a different Denizli, we want to get a nice Denizli . in 150'nc the establishment of our municipality , we would get a different Denizli . our goals high. \"Photo President Zola, also unable to attend because it is outside the city, the ceremony previously conveyed the greetings from volunteer Hasan mayor. Photo Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan , gave a surprise gift to the previously mayors attending the ceremony. Ali Dartanel , Zia Tıkıroğl , Ali Marim, Alice , who died with Aygören Hosni close Representative Yüksel Bağbaşıoğl and Ferit Ali Küçükada near Derya Küçükada the presidency of the period gave the presidency mazbatalarını with the photos taken . After the ceremony, the President and his entourage Zola Photo , National War Hero Mufti Ahmed Hulusi Efendi's visit with mayors lost their lives tombs, praying and read. Photo

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