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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 12:10

Denizlisporl won the Player of the Word

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Denizlisporl players, the technical team and management has promised victory to dinner together .

Denizli news: Bulgarian Post Office 1st league team players Denizlispor'da
Yordanov, Forum summerhouse at Sir Winston teammates and decided to eat in the technical committee . Food Denizlispor President Hasan Kıbrıslıoğl , Board Member Mehmet Ekiz the Manchester City coach Özcan opportunity to observe , assistant coaches and players attended.
Speaking at the dinner Yordanov as a team in unity and solidarity they said, \"We all Manchester City are here for . Together a very nice success undersigned will take . Teams in the sense of very nice alignment we are in this beautiful combination next match demonstrated in'm sure . invitation to participate at the start of the club head Hasan Kıbrıslıoğl including the administrator Mehmet Ekiz , distinguished lecturers and valuable teammate to thank you very much , \"he said .
President Kıbrıslıoğl while in his speech , \"First of all, this dish disposition that enables our players Yordanova , thank you. unity and togetherness of the high level that we too are happy. I hope this continues meals . Osmanlısp match, I'm very sorry . ever position that we do not have the game finished 2-2 . I congratulate you because of your struggle . What is important is our goal to match Giresunspor at the point . Our technical delegation and the players are ciddiyetind this issue . Because of the high order of the day in order to break an important match . Board of Directors as we fulfill our promises and we will continue to bring . We've done them before the day of payment you sweat , you spend goodbye . Manchester City are our promises to our community , however . They fulfill the need , \"he has included .
Friday at 19.30 , which will start the game Denizlispor following the first 11 TINES disclosure is expected to:
\"Kazim , Hakan, Mehmet Can you , Omar Alba , Mustafa Sealed , Erçağ Parents , Bulent Ertugrul , Emrah, Yordanov, Andonov . \"

Denizlisporl won the Player of the Word" comments for.


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