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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 11:49

Depression in men difference is not !

Depression in men difference is not !
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Men who want to feel powerful herself tended to deny that problems can go undetected for depression .

Erzurum news: Men who want to feel powerful herself tended to deny that problems can go undetected for depression . Special Inanna Family Counseling Center Family Counselor Sea Dogan gave information on the subject .
in a man's depression is so difficult to understand ?
Everything seemed to be going well when , all of a sudden a big shock to shake men look good in your life . That many men are depressed , and suffer for longer endure this life and an even bigger day by day, loneliness, and misery may be hiding from you . One of the most serious pathology of depression of our time . Life of our energy loss and now everything meaningless , finding that carry enjoy life unable future and life to trust , emotional, physical, mental suffering wriggling stand and many more like us and slowly matting that killed symptoms weave ... Depression and stress of modern life as a rule our life is but a natural part of many men to understand that depression is almost impossible. Men to be able to handle this situation is developing some unhealthy coping mechanisms . Especially in our society men loaded the brutal roles, neighborhoods expectations and his own expectations due to men's feelings to show any sign of weakness , failure, counting and all of them feel have no right to think that . This belief patterns , environmental impossible expectations desire to fill a person's especially male roles adhesion due to the depression, or ignore , or deny itself or even more by installing this single media trying to overcome . However, this condition is not treated really unfortunately leads to devastating consequences . In the world, the research results showed that the depression caused by the suicide number of men , women from the number four times more.
We love men want to hurt if we do not , they are depressed realized and we must help them or this predicament in the loop of despair and loneliness convulsed in the not even sincere . Men often need to be controlled in a powerful and life and especially the emotional needs should check carry a belief that . Themselves hopeless, helpless and overwhelmed when they feel it, or deny or cover up , suppression and tried to hide , and even from this situation shame can hear .
In men depression , more self inside closing , unjust or exaggerated outbursts , uncontrollable violence trend , spouse , children and colleagues are turning to the intolerance and/or sarcasm , people around or self-directed scathing criticism , sense of humor, reduction or loss, television in the face of spending more time , to socialize sense of reluctance , reckless behavior and emotional alienation , a lot of work or a high-paced by doing things themselves continuously to engage (continuous risky sports , etc. . ) , gambling , alcohol, the increasing use and sexual aversion and similar behavioral symptoms or physical symptoms ( back pain, back pain , headaches , digestive disorders , loss of appetite or loss of appetite , restless leg syndrome , sleep disorders, sexual aversion , etc. ) shows .
factors that trigger depression in men depression in men revealing
There is no one single factor . Biological, psychological and social factors that are intertwined and lifestyle , relationships, and there is a mix of coping mechanisms . Negative experiences and stressful lifestyle of modern city life , human relations, basic needs and future proof a negative belief system , individuals helpless , poor , lonely, depressed and to feel a deep sadness causes . According to some studies the major causes of depression are as follows:
higher in the sweltering home, work, school stress or relationship problems Marriage

unable to meet important goals
Business exchange and/or Loss < br/> Enduring money and livelihood problems, health problems , especially chronic diseases

recently quit an addiction, loss of a loved one

Family Responsibilities Child Care, spouse or elderly care-< br/> Retirement ; Men who are depressed
Loss of Independence to support a
love him . Understanding, patience and encouragement be ready . Chat with him and listen to him carefully and tenderly . It would be suicidal , and even the slightest signs of neglect. Offer to do something together outside . Encourage him to fun activities . Incriminating or demeaning , being her feelings to show support and feelings as expressed it when the punishment to him, no offense , Relationships , but real feelings all innocence When expressed thrive during treatment-therapy continue to ensure , etc.-support data , from depression yourself accountable , Do not hold customize . Get happy life and enjoy it .

Depression in men difference is not !" comments for.


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