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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:33

Deputy Bronze , Boat And Yacht Industry Construction In Review

Deputy Bronze , Boat And Yacht Industry Construction In Review
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AK Party Deputy Bart Yılmaz Tunç, Western Black Sea Development Agency ( BAKKER A) and supported by the Tekkeönü Piri Reis , which will operate on wood or made ​​observations in Small Industrial Estate construction .

Bartın news: Photo Traditional boat and yacht construction projects of infrastructure works deputy viewing over the construction Bronze , have great importance for the project Tekkeönü and Kurucaşile , said:\"In addition to the contribution to employment in the region as well , will allow the development in the survival wooden yacht builder since Ottoman \"he said.
< strong> pROJECT COST 840 tHOUSAND TL Photo Kurucaşile Tekkeönü Piri Reis Small Industrial Estate project deputy specifies that the 840 thousand total budget Bronze , 75 percent of the project is 630 thousand'he said that he would be met by BAKKER . Deputy Bronze, \"which addresses the lack of infrastructure , the watchmaking craft gained modern studio in a period where there is a return to natural building materials all over the world have never left both natural wood to use the advantage of being gained on both boat building location with modern infrastructure and to accelerate regional development and a serious will have a competitive edge , \"he said .
MARKET in WOODEN BOAT AND YACHT MARKET SHARE INCREASE An improvement in the Photo Tekkeönü infrastructure of the shipyard site on the coast , in the region of Parliament stating clustering ensuring that the development of cooperative working and common project culture Bronze , wood yacht and will increase the number of boat building, the energy due to the infrastructure work to ensure the efficient use of wooden yachts and boats used in making the fixtures will set up workshops for the supply , yachts and will increase the quality of the hull , Kurucaşile and Tekkeonu's , in the world of yacht and boat market market will increase the share of the region will increase the number of foreign tourist arrivals , said Bartin and hence T is the introduction of 81 will be made ​​worldwide. Photo TARGET WOOD OR BOAT FAIR HOST tO BE Photo Project Deputy Bronze indicating that a decrease in unemployment in the region with the passing of life of the people living in the area will increase the income level , Bart and Kurucaşile wooden yachts and boats will be hosted organizations for arranging the exhibition , said wooden yacht and will increase the number of masters who boat.

Deputy Bronze , Boat And Yacht Industry Construction In Review" comments for.


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