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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:00

Deputy Mayor Died in Accident

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Sındırgı district of Balıkesir in a traffic accident that occurred in the Sındırgı Shaukat Deputy Mayor Barker, were killed .

Balıkesir news:
Sındırgı Shaukat Deputy Mayor Barker (38), as a result of a car accident , died . Last night the accident occurred in the Sındırgı from the direction of motorway cruising and Şuayip scored the 34 BJ 0612 plate car Soğuksu locality leading from the front tractor while overtaking in the opposite direction from the 09 RH 888 plaque a second vehicle collided . Shaukat Barker seriously injured at the crash site , before the first intervention Sındırgı State Hospital was taken to the emergency room . Barker in serious condition , Balıkesir State Hospital were referred to . Despite all the interventions in the hospital Shaukat Barker died unrecoverable . Deputy Mayor Shaukat Barkır throughout the day , the AK Party Balikesir Deputy Ali Aydınlıoğlu with SINDIRGI together in that and deputy Aydınlıoğlu the SINDIRGI to the problems and solutions related to the provided information was learned.
The other hand, in the accident , Vice President Shaukat Barker is located in the same vehicle and learned that the municipal staff and other wounded Şuayip scored Nasuhi Spruce , Kadir carefree treatment of adult and continuing with Namik were reported.
Shaukat Barker, was born in 1976 . Erzurum Ataturk University Faculty of Theology and graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Department of Public Administration . March 30, 2014 Local Government election , the AK Party Sındırgı 1st row members of the Municipal Assembly and became a member of the Metropolitan Municipal Council . Still Sındırgı Deputy Mayor , Balıkesir Municipality Standing Committee, the Planning and Budget Commission and the Tariff Commission Member and serves as a member of the Court Clerk . Since 2004 Sındırgı Sındırgı Irrigation Association Board Member and Member of the Board Religious Vocational High School Association continues. Barker is married and father of a child who is fluent in English and Arabic . At the same time business has been operating since 2005 .

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