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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:24

Deputy Mehmet Erdogan Talks Müsiad Program

Deputy Mehmet Erdogan Talks Müsiad Program
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AK Party Gaziantep deputy Mehmet Erdogan, said in a statement in the program organized by MUSIAD Gaziantep Branch , \"US sole purpose is to transfer to the Mediterranean through the oil Kopani \"he said.

Gaziantep news: Photo speaking at the opening program held at a hotel in Gaziantep Gaziantep Branch President Kurt Ali Fishbone MÜSIAD did . In Fishbone speech , thanking the participating members and as speakers participating in the program of the AK Party Gaziantep deputy Mehmet Erdogan , \"As you know, Prime Minister Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu announced the strategic development plan along with 10 ministers one. You know this period, a explained in three years. Despite a number of disruptions of them based on the data obtained we should be where we are in the 2015-2018 period ? the new Prime Minister has announced a new vision for Turkey . it says $ 1.3 trillion by the end of 2018 will be our national income , \"he said .
then the AK Party came to fame in Gaziantep deputy Mehmet Erdogan shared with members of many issues MÜSIAD Gaziantep Branch of curiosity. Erdogan said that the secret of many details in the background of the events in the Photo Kobani'yi , the project of Western states , he said monitored as he plays games of this situation and of people dying expressed that in their care. Photo of a Shiite crescent shaped the US in the Middle East , artificial and Kurdish state , Erdogan stated that he intends to establish objectives rather than on Iraqi oil Turkey, stressed that the transfer to the Mediterranean through these states. Kurdish Regional Government in northern Iraq , Erdogan said that Turkey has always behaved pro and use oil resources for the benefit of Turkey , said that there should not be confused with the Kurdish PKK . Turkey is both the Kurds , Erdogan said that the government of Turkey , said they would give bonus to the employees to create conflict in the country. The following continuation of Photo Erdogan speech:Photo \"Right now is the most important issue resolution process in our country. Why are the most important why ? the most important reason because of the events in Kobani'yi . not to mention the war in Kobani'yi . you watch war movies in Kobani'yi or the scene of the film , you watch as follows someone . one scenario. He wrote Screenwriters him so they apply . Kopani overtly United States'the northern Iraq we do it is take a Mediterranean plan on disturbing is oil in that region Kopani of oil contracts , is not nothing else. the Arab Spring was an event that will relieve the general of this region. If Sisi in Egypt brought Mursi devirmes they did . All would have broken the game of global power in the region. Here you realize that the United States, immediately took action quickly . dropped before Egypt . Trips like this start event in Turkey. December 17 to 25 parallel events that began in Turkey. Basically they have . Now with the current government of deviremeyin Travel events in Turkey seen as the largest power this time , the government also seen as intertwined , chose the community sees as a powerful force in public opinion. America's plan, before Turkey was to establish the Shia crescent-shaped around the state . How does he do it? Iran, Syria one other . Look do not want the overthrow of the regime in Syria. Take a look at the events in Kobani'yi . ISID the pretext of his operations to Kobani'yi m currently armed PKK , have PYD were armed ,armed and sent Peshmerga ? Now PJAK ,'You get ready ,'they say , and he is coming to America . Look, there's not Kurds in Kobani'yi . Has an operation and completes the parts thereof. It was not adding Maliki , Maliki already have changed . Her name came to a close . 1 , where a Shiite government will establish a crescent shape. 2 , artificial crescent-shaped predecessor state , Isidor . 3 , will establish a greater Kurdistan state. \"Occurred in Photo Gaziantep Kopani event also mentioned Erdogan , stating that relate to the Kurds of these incidents, \"Look at Kopani event in Gaziantep were both beautiful and ugly incident . Good thing was the people involved in the events organized by a terrorist organization . Look, I'm a man who hdp'y against the party , but everyone knows that BDP headmen called us . Call me personally , \"Mr. proxy , look here for a few days is going events. There are a lot of guys in the street and on behalf of the Kurds . We do not know these guys. A search of the'\"said he said .

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