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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:31

Deputy Prime Minister Akdoğan in Aksaray

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Yalcin Akdogan Deputy Prime Minister , reacted to the attack in Bingöl and Yüksekova'nın , \"This is how a infamy .

Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan , reacted to the attack in Bingöl and Yüksekova'nın , \"This is how a infamy . Whoever they are , we will ask to find individual accounts also taken NEW pulled the trigger . Solution We own the process. Her emphasis on initiating we are , but there are processes so they will not tolerate the insult. Thank you , we will not . What to do , if necessary , the required steps to be taken , \"he said . Photo of the AK Party came to Aksaray Provincial Consultative Assembly Deputy Prime Minister to attend the meeting Yalcin Akdogan visited first in Aksaray Governor of Honor swift authority . Visit the following Akdoğan , Istanbul Cultural Center , he joined the Provincial Advisory Council Meeting .
Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan , in his speech , \"The AK Party family are really 12 years a huge sacrifice and perseverance is trying to maintain this approach. Anyone with do not go , we mücadelesind of claiming the country. Politics is a struggle. this fight requires perseverance. when it gets up to check on one of Turkey person if he tries to . last year, many projects have one when implementing the move and started behind the trip highlights. Assembly was opened , the assembly work is being done and behind December 17 operation was performed. Turkey when the person if he tries to confuse someone out mess out . they want to get rid of Erdogan. ocean tried to yeast play. they combined for roof nominee on August 10, but was destroyed basic non-roof themselves . they tried Diversest games , but they can not. the AK Party'Turkey's fate with the fate of overlap. AK Party, Turkey grows , grows AK Party, Turkey has grown. Turkey's AK Party is because insurance today. Within us, from all backgrounds , there are people of all denominations. Engaged in politics anywhere in Turkey , which are everywhere , one-party services to the AK Party. While some others can not go east, some west, they do not go . We will continue to exist for our nation . We have no time to make our laziness. Turkey had to be strong. So it is very necessary to work , \"he said . Photo Photo \" We will NOT PROCESS HAVE CALLED THEM THANK YOU to \"Photo Syrians in Turkey \"Why Alt. Is not that treason ? \"He asked of them stated that the questions asked Akdoğan , \"you do not, we will have betrayed humanity if we turn our backs . We're setting an example to the whole world that virtuousness . That s why people all over the world are praying for Turkey. Oh , they say something about whether Turkey. Because when you know where the future is in trouble . Therefore we turn our backs on these people. We spend our Christmas Hijri . Our master the Prophet emigrated . Bread for shared their home . We have our place to take refuge in the lap victims of this moral stance we have to open anywhere. This is the legacy of our history and our ancestors . We would be real shame if we turn our backs . We are not a very rich country. We intend to enter 2023 among the world's top 10 economies . But we do not have oil wells have our conscience . That's why we are entering the 3rd row in terms of humanitarian aid in the world . Since the solution to everything, we are in favor of reform . We are we are always nested in Turkey. Turks, Kurds , Sunnis for we are all one . Our ancient culture have lived them together . Let's solve this problem , but we've also encountered many kinds of obstacles. When I entered a dark hand if you want to solve circuit . Ozal was disabled even when you want to solve it. When entering a dark hand circuit around the yaklaşıls . They saw that the government is now very stable, both organizations began to boil water and stepped in the dark hands . How do I bring out a social revolt over Kopani , I pour mass street how they turned out . Afterwards, he wandered the dark hand again and gave martyrs in Bingöl. Yüksekove have given martyrs . This is how a infamy . Whoever they are , find also taken in account , we will ask one by one pulled the trigger . We own the solution process , giving importance to him , he started the process we are there but we will not tolerate their insults . We will not thank you . What to do if necessary , steps should be taken. If you can not abolished the right to life people deserve freedom no building on it. They want to sabotage the process . The terrorist organization clearly underscores the side . Does not want to leave the gun. Solution fear that swept the chimney. They are afraid of the solution. Turkey is not a country to surrender to terrorism and violence. What will be done if necessary. Hope in the face of these events, you're exhausted . Turkey is a big state . Lives of all our people , honor is the property entrusted to us. This is not the last state highway inn. We are the country of hope. Anyone government can not give homework . Syrian Arab to be slaughtered , babies will die and you will remove the sound , \"he said . Referring also to Photo Akdoğan upcoming elections , \"We have a critical choice. AK Party will be an important choice. Here we are successfully leaving are so important in the construction of the new Turkey , \"he said .

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