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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:11

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, honey , the New Party Evaluations:

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AK Party deputy who resigned from Kütahya Idris Bal independent of the exchange rate , which refers to the party that the Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, \"There is currently only 18 parties in Turkey .

Bursa news: There are 104 party. Some of martin , a portion of the party , \"he said . Photo MÜSIAD Bursa Branch Speaking at the opening of the new building of the Culture Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, the Democratic Party who found Developmental Idris Bal referring to . In Turkey 100'stating that the party was founded more than strange Arinc, \"into the Internet , you'll see strange parties. Yesterday I saw a party founded on the internet. Party like it have to establish that people are talking about in my name, he is building the party and talk to me as well. Press conference was , empty red seats . There's only one person . He is probably the Anatolia News Agency reporter. What to say to the leader of a party founded yesterday and then have to go even wondered members . If you go solid , beliefs , if you go , if you go with that vision , if not today then tomorrow you will be the most powerful . You are the most reputable . If you do, you're an organization that everyone is respectful , \"he said .
\" STATE IN WASTE heart my heart ache \"Photo is a great waste in Turkey and stated that they failed to pass in front of it Arinc, \"when I look at my heart aches waste in the State . 5 thousand people in the council found that campus, we had 300 trillion budget. I was mad at the point of waste prevention . I got sick . They taunt me . They said the president frugal . Water flowing in vain , even if we are responsible . Assign a huge roll of paper money to the trash you swear you yetişemezs Bassam bureaucracy . Some are ashamed to hear about the rents paid for by public bodies and feel . Should not be wasted. Allah does not love those who waste. It can be a difficult test? Brother are you gonna think about it . But you will not waste even a crumb of bread . Our efforts showed it to us , and our master . There circumcision average number plates . You put up the food , you shone like a mirror. They say you get me to lose weight. Because they are not circumcised , I sünnetliy also theirs . And fear Allah , in the world there are people who struggle with poverty poverty . We have no right to waste because God gave us opportunities . Luxury life longing we have tried to place the children of this country , \"he said . They have become distant from fear when
people on the streets, Arinc then expressing it is possible to win in the economy , \"we see an example of this since 12 years. I saw high inflation and cost of living constantly . I saw a lot of trouble. I survived them all . Turkey's economy in the past have always attracted a lot of distress in the crisis area. Agreements with the IMF crush the people. Externally always take high-interest loans , interest rates, payment of interest , we find ourselves in a vicious cycle chosen . Came political stability , economic stability came immediately after , \"he said . Photo Nail Olpak MUSIAD President , stating that they adopt the concept of the new Turkey as MÜSIAD , \"We have adopted the concept of the new Turkey. Our nation will support every project that will carry into the future. 19 quarters , we are happy to have it as a growing area of ​​businesspeople in the economy , \"he said .
Opening, Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu , Mayor Recep Altepe , the AK Party also joined the Bursa MPs and businessmen.

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, honey , the New Party Evaluations:" comments for.


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