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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 12:13

Deputy Prime Minister Freed in Batman

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Deputy Prime Minister spouse, \"Turkey is doing is difficult .

Deputy Prime Minister spouse, \"Turkey is doing is difficult . We will do everything to ensure peace in itself ,\"he said . Photo Freed, the AK Party came to Batman Batman Consultative Assembly to attend the meeting. Scheduled plane Deputy Prime Minister from Batman spouse Turkey Petroleum Corporation (TPAO ) facility met for breakfast with NGO representatives in the past to Batman . Freed, in his speech , the First World of the order held at War is unable to solve the problem of Ukraine of the great powers of the world that keep sewing and while it's great cause established unequal trying to build on the strengths of the weak , he said stems from the system. When we look at the events in
the Middle East after the Cold War geography that they established over the others this power if there is power in whose hands , Syria in the last 3 and a half years, 300 thousand Noting that people died Freed, said:\"these events in Syria , while the UN stood beam . Because standing behind him if you whose power in the UN world. Syria'also does not say is the power behind you to do no matter what atrocities done . anywhere in the US have the world behind Israel seriously flowing blood and turns out great inner turmoil . in this world the Prophet. We need a concept like Jesus . in this land of Salahaddin-i Ayub of'the Sword in the Lion's grandchildren after that we need to share our sharing our everything in everything. A century ago there was a great peace in the world. After the First World War it was no great peace. They distinguish between people with ethnic origins. You're the Kurdish people in the Middle East Arab you're saying , they separated into small pieces . After the First World War , they separated the borders with a ruler .''Photo Photo''< strong> KOP WITH THE INTERIM our BORDER put 'Photo First World major powers and they draw borders with a ruler at the table after the war people stated that they lived together separate Freed, spoke as follows:Photo'put limits Kopani between the Urfa , but they put the border between relatives of the same people. Today we have now come to a place where having a sense of these limits. We need to tell us this land that'There is no one has the right to separate people from one another in this land'Batman is nothing to distinguish from Edirne . What we will always resolve to ensure the brotherhood of peoples together . Thank goodness in Turkey after 90 allows the inner integrity. The biggest thing that has changed in Turkey ceberrut state mentality is changing . Ceberrut state of Diyarbakir, Batman, you see what it does . Kurdish was forbidden even to sell the tape in Istanbul. People did not give the name they want for their children. Was faced with many difficulties . Now, Diyarbakir and Prime Minister Ibrahim Tatlıses'l Perver Shiva said Kurdish songs together . Turkey was split. Great distance study. Turkey had a fear of the citizens of the headscarf. Now the children are reading headscarves . Officers can go to work. Turkey also made ​​peace with the nation state . The main thing is human . We continue our way as a staff who know the state of their thumbs protect human dignity.''Photo Photo''< strong> TURKEY HAVE TO DO WITH ''Photo Turkey in the last two years 90 years, the biggest problem for the solution of the Kurdish issue, great strides that no matter what , and who will continue to do this will tell Freed , said:''Turkey is doing is difficult . We will do everything to ensure peace within themselves. Turkey entered into loss of 1 trillion over 30 years . If people have not taken the money elsewhere would be much more advanced. It killed more than 35 thousand of our people in the country. Turkey can not enter the bottom of this scourge . This solution process is to get rid of the shackles of Turkey on foot . We are faced with the challenge these days . The majority of our nation wants to continue the settlement process. Unfortunately, one is doing it for the lack of provocation . We are going to destroy this game. Neither Turkey's Kurdish There is a difference in the Arab Circassians . We are no use to anyone any more conflict in this country, we will do our best . \"Photo Armed again thinking of those involved in the fight and Freed explains that there must be strong-willed since the solution , he continued:\"We paid a high price to move to democracy Prime Minister hangs people unsolved victims went . Was a political assassination . Democracy was paid a great price for supply . If Turkey is not only because it is our brotherhood unless a Syrian . The power of the ballot box democracy must be above all political will. Everyone in this country paid the price , but ultimately we were able to reveal this chest will now lose the language of democracy never . Egypt, Syria, were now dominated democracy in Iraq was not the case. Let us work together all the people together to achieve the best in all of Turkey . All of our political parties are going through a difficult process speak the language of peace with Turkey, to eliminate this peace Let whoever against it . If you can use the language of peace you experience leaves behind all that we walk together what a great peace. Let us live together as brothers until doomsday .''Photo

Deputy Prime Minister Freed in Batman" comments for.


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