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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Ekim 2012, Cumartesi 13:21

Deputy Religious:30 years trying to destroy the beauty of the region

Deputy Religious:30 years trying to destroy the beauty of the region
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Sirnak AK Party deputy Emin religious, Southeast of terror for 30 years, said he.

Sirnak, AK Party deputy Emin religious, Southeast of terror for 30 years, said he. Religious,"Persecution of justice took place. Persecutors was the ruler. 20 years, maybe 30 years since, unfortunately, to destroy the beauty of the region showed their best."he said.

Eid occasion Cizre district of Şırnak deputy from the AK Party, made statements in a program attended by devout sure. Not sure who wandered arm in the region of ignorance, religious,"garipseniyoruz own our country, our faith garipseniyor. Persecution of justice took place. Persecutors was the ruler. Deplore this. 20 years, maybe 30 years now in favor. Unfortunately, in their effort to destroy the beauty of this region is shown. 5 thousand, six thousand people per village destroyed this country. every one found an excuse., but Kurdish, they said, but they said the Muslim Kurds and showed their best to remove these people from religion. these people could not have gone somewhere else. İstanbul, İzmir e, Ankara, Adana, Konya and went away. This means that people in the region did not go to a place outside of their own state. their state and the nation want to live with the symptoms. Later that people are looking to metropolises unfortunately they have not been qualified For everything there is a need in big cities and are miserable. Customary gone, went to pieces, went to the belief that a large part of the culture is almost gone, unfortunately. bigger cities people are looking at my scars, unfortunately it seems the majority of jobs are not legitimate."he said.

sure that the Kurds had drafted a program to remove religion religious, he said:"We get out of our gelebildiği so if you have faith, kids, eğitebilirsek., But not a one-sided education. Both religion, conscience, to the satisfaction of knowledge, as well as his mind, to the satisfaction of the idea of ​​science eğitebilirsek them with knowledge. herein God bless our friends. they fulfill this mission. At that time people, humanity, become aware of our community, helpful people we grow. Unfortunately, people who are in such a bad ambitions us They want to break up. Especially when we look at the games played on the people of this region in our country kurşunlanabiliyoruz conviction, öldürülebiliyoruz, garipsenebiliyor faith. Cizreliyim Where are you from in the West, there is also a kurşunlanabiliyorum Şırnaklıyım just because of my identity. Turkism racism, people who maintain a place when we look at God in a Şırnaklıyı a Cizreliyi öldürülebiliyor. remember two years ago on a bus thrown a Molotov cocktail, a daughter named Sarah was burned in Istanbul. Whoever God damn it. But there are people who deal with racism, it came to avenge the Association Cizreliler Bakirköy searched. The World 've killed my brother Selim, there is a beautiful Dindar'ı. 7 one was seriously injured. Crimes and Cizreliler Association was to just Cizreliler. then on the eve of the feast on the last day of Ramadan, Ramadan, religious belief, which as the name because of their street, their neighborhood, attended the dinner on the day of eve can be killed in one hour before. Crime What, such as the belief that there was live another offense. AK Party was the brother of a proxy. was Vice President of the AK Party City did not have another offense. I Cizreli'dir in Istanbul, Şırnaklı'dır he kill anyone anyone and what you like living in the belief that the Cizre, the AK Party, the AK Party's brother murdered a representative. these days, keep it behind. these holy days we pray. emotionally Let us pray."

Deputy Religious:30 years trying to destroy the beauty of the region" comments for.


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