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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:07

Derelict Building is Demolished

Derelict Building is Demolished
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A central district of Malatya destroyed upon the identification of a derelict building in the neighborhood in Yesilyürt Tec .

Malatya news: Photo Tec in the neighborhood of Mukhtar Ali Yigit, the information given on the subject, \"have become inhabited by drug addicts of derelict buildings that have been abandoned in the neighborhood. around here shoot the witness would they remove the burning fire that remained derelict building. At the same time these houses are great dangers oluşturmaktalar in the neighborhood. our neighborhood derelict state at and the local people of life and property safety of the buildings abandoned the state used threatening , we yıktırıy incoming request and determined individually in accordance complaints prior notice to the units concerned in accordance with the consent of the owners of communication satisfies house with landlords , \"he said. Photo Yigit, \"Both the ward as well as the related departments are identifying derelict buildings in the neighborhood. But if we are building see did not know or derelict in to their ward or related departments , municipalities , if they reported to police to be controlled provinces, and work will begin to collapse ,\"he said .

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