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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:13

Dermirder in the village"mosque-school-neighborhood"Meeting

Dermirder in the village
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Ödemis Demirdere the last Friday in the mosque of the village mosques, schools and neighborhood meeting was held.

İzmir news: Ödemis Demirdere the last Friday in the mosque of the village mosques, schools and neighborhood meeting was held.
month of Muharram in the framework of unity and togetherness further strengthened for the Demirdere Village Headman Muammar Crusher with a mosque Imam and Preacher Yusuf Gurbuz in the village square asure cook school students and village residents and offered.
organized event Ödemis Governor Abdullah Dölek, Ödemis Mufti Mustafa Bilgiç chaplains who work in the surrounding villages joined with the village people.
Grand Mufti Mustafa Bilgiç Friday prayers on Ashura of Muharram and preached. Bilgiç In his Friday sermon the education and training of pointing out the importance of all teachers, teachers celebrated.
"WOMEN attend Friday prayer you"
Bilgiç he continued as follows:Fridays at our women also take come to the mosque and read the sermon preached resignation from ettirelim. Let them make their prayers at the mosque. Our ladies came to the Maghrib prayer why do not they come to the Friday prayer. Our children, our wives, taking Friday prayers we join. We are shaping our children and our women. Do not be hindered in their development. When you go to the Kaaba women, children and adults are praying in the same place. Our mosque premises, the women's casual ablutions and prayers comfortable ability to make the appropriate state are trying to"
Governor Abdullah Dölek, Demirdere of the village a very pretty village, that village residents very hardworking and productive, that students are successful is expressed as the students addressed,"from you in the future Governor, Governor and administrators will be your target, hold great,"he said, and the teaching of students in the outstanding achievements wished. village resident women and children Friday prayers going to the month of Muharram and Ashura-related sermon listened. Arranged at the event for 1000 people asure were served.

Dermirder in the village"mosque-school-neighborhood"Meeting" comments for.


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