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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:43

Des Prime Minister Davutoğlu write

Des Prime Minister Davutoğlu write
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Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu in his epistle , wages have made ​​for the year 2014 123 worth of salary increase , indicating that the officers and victims of retirees because they are below inflation Democratic Educators Union (DES ) Chairman Gurkan Avci, the wage gap between civil servants is increasing day by day I want a solution complaining .

Erzurum news: Photo hike salaries paid to officers for the year 2014 123 pounds voicing remained below the announced inflation figures for the first half of the year than DES Head Hunters , Prime Minister Davutoglu in his epistle ; Some government representatives,'is determined by collective agreement hikes of 2014 and the officer would not be possible to give the inflation gap'saying of accepting declarations that it is not possible , \"Some US officials say would not be possible to give the difference inflation officer but senior bureaucrats , especially outside of the collective bargaining agreement , judges and prosecutors , academics ever made ​​, and this time has exited publicly out of the while collective bargaining agreement , \"he said.
\" lawmakers not rECONCILIATION UY mADE tIME \"Photo \"Furthermore officer for 2015 and retired to 3 percent + 3 salary hike is predicted that lawmakers were raised 7 percent to pensions to 9.5 percent of salary. so this injustice, victimization resolve and 2014 and officers and our retirees to recover salary losses of 2015, it has become necessary to do additional time saying \"government officers due to give the inflation difference for the year 2014 and has been the victim of pension and salary and additional payments to date for the first time noted that this year's inflation differential reflection Hunter, expressed the following points in his letter:Photo \"Mr. Prime Minister , officer due to high inflation in excess of the salary hikes and purchasing power of low income significantly decreased . All public employees and retirees of the 2014 inflation differentials up'extra time'payment, overtime payments , fulfillment of the economic losses caused by the transition to road tolls and staff , we want an end to the unjust performance system application. The officers making raised by real inflation and the rate of economic growth in Turkey we want to give share. \"Photo \" THE SAME JOB THAT OFFICERS BETWEEN TWICE the UP FEES THROUGH THERE \"Photo \"This request will receive additional as public employees from undermining the work efficiency and quality of public services work in peace moreover causing severe weakness in another issue that paved the way for social ills ; salary difference between civil servants, wage and income gap is an injustice . Have received the same training , the same rates of up to 2-fold between qualified and officials in different government agencies who charge almost the same thing has imbalances. Public in'white officers'and'black officers'this is the most blatant examples of discrimination that continue to be especially want to offer to you the information we ask you to end this injustice and equitable manner. Are your obvious that , in 2006,'equal pay for equal work'policy with about 1 million 300 thousand 450 TL officer has decided to redress the balance and was intended to be completed by 2009 and 136 TL was given. The remaining 314 TL in front of us gave up his payment commitments'public charge balance \"is a new addition to the payment plan is name was brought . Powers of Ministers was extended until the year 2011 given to the Board . But not this arrangement'equal work, equal pay'given the high salaries of the public and charge imbalance to which the said some officers to pay a supplement to do that, and the floor wage gap further deepen prepared . \"Photo \"JUSTICE, TRANSPARENCY aND EQUALITY wE WANT \"Photo \"Many public institutions and senior established pierced the law. on the other hand , many public servants high wages , which is eroding at how political and bureaucratic centers to switch to public institutions, you know in you . this application of millions of officers and upset family members , who hurt the dignity lacks an application from justice and equality. fee is therefore in the first public injustice until the next general election and just fix you , we expect you to create an equitable remuneration policy . in Article 128 of our Constitution ; required by the public service mission of the essential and permanent civil servants and other public officials will gördürül hand , civil servants and other public duties of salaries and other personnel matters will be regulated by law , in Article 55 of ; a work appropriate equitable benefit from their employees'wages and other benefits for achieving the Government take the necessary measures are adjudicated. On the other hand , Article 10 of the Constitution ,'the principle of equality before the public', is subject to legal status for the same ones. This principle is not acting with legal equality has been foreseen . The purpose of the principle of equality , would provide the same processing depending on the laws in the face of people with the same condition . To prevent the recognition of distinction and privilege to do. Rights and responsibilities of civil servants , pensions , allowances and other fringe benefits is regulated by the Civil Servants Law No. 657 . In this regard, the Undersecretariat of Treasury and Foreign Trade , Industry and Commerce , Labour and Social Security , Health, Energy, Transportation , and some ministries such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Ministry ; Central Bank, PA, RTÜK , TRT, CMB , BOTAS, TOKI and top organizations such as the civil servants in many public institutions and organizations , are paid wages at rates up to 2-fold compared to other public employees , additional and fringe benefits with a variety of names in addition to the general payment is made . Indispensable part of our State and who work for labor performed essential tasks, Act No. 657 , and any that additional and fringe benefits except those made relevant legislation , bonuses and many public officials vulnerable situation , especially education sector employees that are not revolving . Accordance with the provisions supervisor of our Constitution, the ending of wage policy which the salary injustice against the officers of CV is the majority and the personnel of the said public institutions and organizations at the highest amount of the additional payments made each month to these victims part we want monthly additional payment. \"

Des Prime Minister Davutoğlu write" comments for.


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