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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 17:35

Description from Bafra Public Prosecutor's Office

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Bafra Public Prosecutor Abraham Sharp, bonzai uncovered about 2 pounds in Bafra statement said.

Samsun news:
yesterday in the press \"courthouse staff's stash of the Gendarmerie has exploded with the title\"publicized news overwritten made ​​a statement Bafra Public Prosecutor Abraham Sharp, the Constitutional Convention and by law recognized and protected , right to fair trial within the scope of the presumption of innocence , about the personality rights investigations and privacy policy consideration and the public properly informed in order to ensure that the written press release to make it deems it necessary , he said.
public Prosecutor Sharp in his written statement, \"1 October 2014 , on'Samsun gendarmerie 156'tip line made ​​a notice and this notice because of the issued proceedings on delay is prejudicial state is formed by evaluating the Republic Başsavcılığımızın with the written consent calls , the Bafra district , Bakırpın Quarter , Andaval locality , place of residence outside the field of the water in the tank , on the edge of prickly hidden in the way, 16 packed in bags with duct tape in packaged form , what two thousand grams in weight in the dried state bonzai plants have been found , and this land Bafra Courthouse working in a public official's due , this public official suspects in the capacity expressions were consulted. Drugs at home , not in open terrain , the water tank next to the unprotected state , has been found to be stored in the bushes . The ownership of the seized drugs , about the origin and nature of fingerprints and other technical procedures are carried out criminal investigations . Under investigation, there are no suspects had been detained or arrested . The investigation is ongoing , \"he said .

Description from Bafra Public Prosecutor's Office" comments for.


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