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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 18:17

Description from Samsunspor Club

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Samsunspor management, management announced that it will give confidence to be ready to leave if the task of the current administration.

Samsun news: PTT 1 League teams Samsunspor
management , made a written statement about themselves because of the news . In a written statement from a Photo Club was given the following expression:a Photo \"Our Board of Directors in the press in recent days, criticism face of the statement of up to insult crossed the border has felt the need to make the following statement. whether in an insistence like to stay on duty for our every opportunity to declare that the board has decided to continue the ordinary general assembly up to the task with the idea to be resolved without damaging hut this problem. who do not trust us , press and management right and left against talking scenarios by tomorrow governance building of those who declare that they have the opportunity , creating a government they trust and we are ready to leave their posts if they apply to our management we express once again openly and candidly . damage to shed the negative impact on the management space of players will create such a behavior eye should not be increased . Time in it , creating a strong management to solve the problem is the time Samsunspor'un aspire to work . Samsun of all of our political , our governor , Ibrahim Sahin and all senior managers, professional organizations and businessmen , on behalf of all who love their duties out with Samsunspor and we invite you to create a reliable management . Such a management that day tasks created by delivering peace of mind to those friends , soin order to collect our receivables if we were dismissedto avoid damaging Samsunspor , officials who trust us and real Samsunspor fans will have and realize once again see . \"

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