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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 15:19

Description of Child Abuse and Neglect disbarred

Description of Child Abuse and Neglect disbarred
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Şanlıurfa Bar Association and the Child Rights Commission , recently experienced child abuse and neglect against children due announcement was made .

Şanlıurfa news: Şanlıurfa Bar Association and the Child Rights Commission , recently experienced child abuse and neglect against children due announcement was made .
Şanlıurfa Bar Association conducted by the statement, \"Society As a cornerstone of the family in which his country's future generations the prospect of actually a country , nation in determining the value of children and meaning. Yet our society today as a child as it deserves yet not be given , child abuse and neglect of could not be prevented , unlike the last days we live in the children's loss and death of children effectively can not prevent a painful indicator has been \"the statement said .
all over the world and in our country recently abused , killed , neglected , commercial and sexual exploitation which is the object of alcohol and substance use the number of children increasingly be noted that the statement then these opinions were given:
\"especially of 2014 since the beginning of our country, child abuse and neglect sheet becoming more and 15 children was found dead . province in our 14-year-old child at this age the only problem to plan lessons and playing ball with his friends when they should be committed suicide because of psychological problems . In the last few weeks ; Pam currently living in Istanbul, 3.5-year-old was found dead in the pool . Mert 9-year-old who disappeared in Kars in the redoubt was strangled after being raped and shot stones alone . Mystery of the lost mother in Adana pazardayk stabbed and burned to death by their relatives . Hope is lost in Manisa was found dead in a water well .
Two uncles in Bitlis children between the ages of 4 and 5 were found dead in the mountainous area . It is estimated that from the cold to freeze to death . Van, the banter between two shepherds , and the other resulted in injury . On top of that injured 12-year-old shepherd's relatives Taner Kaya, scanning Kalashnikov rifle was killed while going to school . Kerem Ali on the sofa in Kocaeli 2-year-old died as a result of the overthrow . If denizliden still a baby pacifier rope around his neck as a result of entanglement lost their lives by drowning .
In killing the murderous attempt on the lives of our children ; There was sexual abuse of children , smothering , burning killing . Of course the result of negligence in death for the survivors of abuse in the same way by increasing the problem continues to grow . These children be in prison , being poor , education deprived of the right to remain , and at a young age to be run problems.
Şanlıurfa Bar Association Code of Criminal Procedure Application Center According to the records the attorney appoint the majority of children to be related to be seen. \"Children who have drifted into crime guy,\"are involved in the crime . In addition, many children are also victims of crime . Driven to crime in our country , for children 12-17 years of age and again at 1 million 649 thousand children in prison, children in prisons can not be adequate measures are exposed to all kinds of abuse . But the child Protection Act as required by the purpose of the child to protect the interests should be custody and imprisonment as a last resort be consulted rather than on children protective and supportive measures should be consulted and their control to ensure the necessary measures should be taken. As a last resort which is described in detention while the kids enough physical and technical facilities providing in prisons but in reformatories should be kept . \"
Protection of Children, the necessary effective measures of the state is the duty of the statement , \"Supporting element of the field of international children's rights in terms of the most effective and comprehensive that our country is a party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was . In the contract , \"the contract states parties to the child's parents or from them , only one , legal guardian or guardians, or taking care of any person next while physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or negligent treatment , sexual assault, each including kinds of abuse and ill-treatment to protect the legal , administrative, social , educational , take all precautions are . such protective measures should, as defined herein of child maltreatment for the prevention , identification, be notified to the competent authority for a referral , investigation , treatment and monitoring required for the main methods and where appropriate in the court's job to confiscate as much as necessary according to the child and his caring for the people, the support needed to store with the goal of social programs for the regulation effective methods should include . \"Contracts of this article of the child to all kinds of abuse protection that the State party primary responsibility of which is specified and the State party all the actions and policies of the child to the benefit to develop and apply are obliged to \"testimony was given.
Recently experienced child abuse and omissions to happen again every institution and government bodies falling responsibilities without wasting time must be fulfilled that underlined was continued as follows:
\"These few items stated , all by the judicial organs dealing with children in cases of prosecution and investigation stages minimal attention and care a lot more care is required. By the judges in the provinces about children involved in the Child Protection Act to protect and support children who are driven to crime primarily in terms of measures need to be implemented . Family and Social Policy Ministry and other relevant ministries formed by all forms of abuse against children under the concrete and effective measures should be taken . Families can not really protect its children examined, and families through collaboration with the municipalities in this regard should be awareness campaigns , educational , psychological support should be given . For the crimes committed against children as perpetrators of these crimes the death penalty , but not pretending to criminal penalties for related crimes increased rates largely committed the same crime again is to avoid the need to ensure deterrence . Work environment is not and all other for our children in every province, enough reading and study halls should be done every day, our children are the future as we mentioned children both physically and psychologically healthy way , out of danger will ensure that media should be prepared. Our province and in every province without increased among children recently in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse problems urgently to be my He received establishment. Children are exposed to the dangers children could take refuge in safe shelters should be established. All press and broadcast media in children and child-related news , programs broadcast by considering the physical and mental development of the child should be given the necessary sensitivity . Şanlıurfa Bar Association lawyers and children's rights mean to children's lives as members of the Commission condemn the mindset ; All state organs , our colleagues , NGOs, relevant institutions and organizations, and the entire family like this suffering and our country legal , moral and social order traversal of the events to be across this issue to the community to give consciousness about immediately to cooperate invite . All forms of violence as well as society's foundation stones for our children who are turning all kinds of violence and carnage were across the street indicates , our share for all kinds of legal and social responsibility to be aware that we re-emphasizing , Şanlıurfa Bar Association all child abuse cases meticulously followers were such incidents happen again and whether the final you will find far we want to indicate that we will fight . \"

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