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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:25

Description of electricity between Karsspor

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Aras Electricity Distribution Co.

Kars news: DG in the press in recent days'Karsspor Termination of circuits that'made a written statement about . In a written statement from a Photo Aras Electricity, \"in the press recently \"cut the Karsspor electricity \"make a statement because news about should have been heard. the report said Karsspor club has not paid any electricity bills since December 2008. our Photo Agency sending Karsspor the notification after taking over the electricity distribution business in 2013 , electricity was asked to pay his debts . can not be the result of a Photo made ​​notification , electricity sector by our staff on 05.12.2014 was made .
same day Kars Provincial Coordination our Club Management has been opened electricity given the commitment to pay by \"was said . in a statement from the
General Directorate has issued the following statement. < br/> \"Club Management as not fulfilled the promises to pay issued by June 2014 in interest that we have not been referenced by the interest forgiveness and also to configure the club . I have stayed unrequited all calls to our Photo make , huts for the electricity sector by our 4/11/2014 day team go have electricity sector is hampered by the club staff and athletes . Our team than Accordingly , 11/05/2014 day realized the electricity cutting the beginning of the line. Photo Karsspor Club of there main money bills payables of 62,204 TL as of today. Between the news that
Things electricity, Karsspor Club of showing as it had been the victim , our institution is allowed under suspicion and create a different perception of the public. Photo Aras EDAS was always next to the sports and athletes . However Karsspor Club has abused the goodwill of our institution and has entered into an attitude like using free electricity. There is no special status in our subscriber Photo Agency. Our all subscribers within its stated principles of law have equal rights. Just as if paying for the electricity they had used a normal citizen , Karsspor Club is the case also to pay for the service they received. A situation is not in question , such as deletion of a Photo Club debt . Photo's by no wantonness move against Karsspor club's debt If the electrical service will be introduced to the activities of the highly paid are announced to the public. \"

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