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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 16:26

Description of goods for the Protection of Farmers Edremit

Description of goods for the Protection of Farmers Edremit
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Balikesir Edremit Central Farmers Presidency of the Assembly for the Protection of goods , with his press conference , the people, were informed about the study and development .

Balıkesir news: Balikesir Edremit Central Farmers Presidency of the Assembly for the Protection of goods , with his press conference , the people, were informed about the study and development .
Edremit Central Farmers started to serve a new place Presidency of the Assembly for the Protection of goods , making the press conference , talked about their work . Prepared press release , Edremit Central Farmers Protection of goods on behalf of the president Abraham Broken studied. Closing neighborhood transformed in provinces of the problems experienced recently resolved saying they expect the president Abraham broken, \"I Edremit District Gure Borough , registered 26 years 3 months and 10 days of active employment retired police I belong . 10th year of Edremit Chamber of Agriculture of the Assembly as a Member swiped . November 28, 2005 from the year the main public acts in the name of a public institution , TC Edremit Central Farmer's Property Protection Assembly Presidency execute. during this time the former management of the rest of 1999 and 2005 of the Social Security Institution, which is 123,000 , 00TL SSI premium debts configuration were visited by me was paid . so far, our institution 3 service vehicles were already 4 times 4 double cabins TL 20,000 worth of land service cars , the vehicle's may not go places to farmers in order to serve received 3 Mondial brand motorcycle our serves.communication as a means of 7 radio, car radio , central radio and our communication is achieved by taking the role . Council members, my staff , my financial advisers and legal counsel together with our farmers in the sense of being victimized , including public holidays, working , night duties made ​​necessary the best way to serve our people are continuing . 6360 numbered Metropolitan law required Balikesir our province Metropolitan be and our district central district due to all the old villages and city neighborhoods to the status now and in those places Farmer's Property Protection Councils massive amount of social security debts for which there are , however, 04.01.2014 onwards the Conservation Council Presidency 6360 numbered law termination were required . This dissolution of the Assembly of Heads of protection rather than closed by TC Edremit Central Farmer's Property Protection Council established by the Administration re-protection services continue to be provided by our farmers grievances will be addressed in the near future . In this neighborhood are some important areas by establishing a branch with all our staff will be provided with the best services to farmers . Our patrol also creating public complaints in the series so they will be of immediate intervention . Presidency of Republic of Turkey by the real state-owned public institutions Befitting services we have designed our building brought into compliance farmers all grievances and to overcome the problems for the 4081 No. Farmer's Property Protection Act related items , 4086 No. amended by 3573 No. of Olive-Growing and Wild of the Grafting The Law on Article 14 of the our institution have been given all the powers using to provide the best service to our farmers and to address their grievances , hereinafter referred to our institution after obtaining the necessary permission Amir of our 24 hour 7 days a mold, I worked day and night for our farmers grievances will be addressed . Our organization REPUBLIC OF TURKEY Public duties on behalf of the State and not make a public organization , receivables No. 6183 Law on the Procedure of Collection of Public Receivables collected in accordance with the provisions has to . Our institution from 2005 until myself and my councilors Among have made of our services praised be here, waiting for our Institution and our work ignoring though currently on duty on the Protection of the Assembly as if there was a new formation and President quest is located in the running for it , the rights of legal proceedings have to we stayed in some smear campaign initiated by our farmers in recent days , will offend me personally and organization must be made in words and accusations have hurt us deeply . The purpose of this malicious people unable to work and bring us Edremit Central Farmers is to destroy the Presidency of the Assembly for the Protection of goods . According to the law in the coming days which will be held in Edremit Central Farmer's Property Protection Presidency of the Assembly elections, the 4081 Law No. 442 of Village Law specified in Article reasons Conservation Council management involved can not state this as a smear campaign started this person a moment ago, this is bad law and incompatible with the idea to give up otherwise personally and our organization , on behalf of the Agency legal counsel and attorneys the necessary instructions given by law we give to have all our legal rights which we use and the rights of a criminal complaint bulunularak , as soon launch legal proceedings against future should be known .
Farmer's Property Protection Council Presidency elections, how , who Parliament elected in 4081 could receive protection tasks specified in Article 4 of Law No. 442 of the Village Law Article 30 is current in this election . Protection of the Speaker in the who acted as the manager can not do the 4081 Law No. discussion AmAsInIn Article 4 paragraph 6 and 7 with 442 numbered Village Law Article 30 and Article 33 of the 5,6,7 and 8 in paragraphs a and b in paragraphs are clearly stated. As in all cities and towns in our district on the dates specified by the authority of the Presidency of the Assembly elections will be held Protection . 2013 olive crop Gulf of Our low harvest is in and our institution Protection Fee unable to collect debts due to the protection council is closing pretext in the wrong place comments as a result of our farmers majority Protection fees not pay due 2013 in the year 8 months insurance premium debts paid could not be total, together with interest 18.000,00 TL as We have a debt premium , they also restructured payable in installments by the Agency , and others We do not have any debt . Our organization is made ​​by those malicious rumors about our organization in any way , unlike unclosed continues to do his duty to the end . Protection Council and all the staff together with our President and our members are at the beginning of our task . Accused of lying in the direction of our institution is closed completely to ignore our Institution and are carried out to fret . Huge amounts of our institution retrospectively and Shepherd Conservation Fee will include memoranda of Varaka . They were charged if it can still hire the services building and Protection Safety and kept Damien us , in this period Meclisimiz in behalf of the Authority property with the purchase by us is deemed appropriate.
Our institution for 10 years , this valve protection fee by up to this day , together with interest of £ 200,000 as with high amounts of debt and başlattırıl and dry with legal action in case a defendant be a candidate in presidential elections on Protection of our farmers have received information I am. According to the law do not have the right to be elected ; Indebted to the Authority and the Authority of the persons in our case the defendant is not possible to rule . Farmer's Property Protection Assembly elections, how these institutions , how to manage these institutions who manage might Parliament ce 07.02.1941 date and the 4081 Act with the number of accepted and 10.07.1941 dated and 4856 published in Official Gazette enacted and which are still valid 4081 in Law No. are clearly stated. Presidency of the Assembly for the Protection of All Farmers goods relevant provisions of this law jurisdictions serves as have been given . There has not been any changes to the law on all this . Authority to legislate only what belongs to Parliament . Practices in the relevant articles of Law No. 4081 , except in accordance with law is not modified in any formation . If sanctions are to be applied to the Authority of the Law given to us will be used until the end of legal rights . Which will be held in the coming days Edremit Presidency of the Assembly elections in the Central Farmer's Property Protection Protection Among council members were nominated again for service, I declare that we are ready to end . T. C. Public Institutions and Organizations in safe hands and adequately managing all of our farmers and our institution is a victim in terms of , District Authority , our Mayor , Mr. Kamil Sake, all Municipal Assembly members , Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce Chamber Chairman of the Board of Directors and members of parliament with the District Directorate of Agriculture nude our Agency we are requested to helping behalf , TC Edremit Central Farmer's Property Protection Council respected on behalf of offers , all members of the press our thanks to the debt I know , \"he said .
The statement then , members of the press building hover parliamentary management, then along with the staff souvenir photo taken .

Description of goods for the Protection of Farmers Edremit" comments for.


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