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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 23:18

Description Sarıgül'e Deniz Baykal

Description Sarıgül'e Deniz Baykal
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Sisli Mayor Mustafa Sarigul, " Baykal now only has the task of the ombudsman," he said.

Sisli Mayor Mustafa Sarigul,"Baykal now only has the task of the ombudsman,"he said.

Sisli Mayor Sarigul Municipality of Denizli to participate in the Culture and Art Festival organized by the Southern District of Viticulture 'What has come.


Sisli Mayor Mustafa Sarigul, a holding company in Denizli's South District arrived by helicopter. Faced with interest Sarýgül district, talked to citizens about an hour from the town center. Addressing disrespectful Sarýgül gathered here, the people who voted for the support of all the political parties would save,"the head falls tare Search Sarigul. Problem, the chairman who will find me,"he said.

DEMOCRATIC am in favor of meeting

who visited his office in South Sarýgül Mayor CHP Halit Gurbuz, held a press conference, answered questions from journalists. CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, CHP reminded his speech on the rotation Sarýgül, said:

"Local elections are approaching. we met I am in favor of major democratic Turkey. been advocating for many years to meet the democratic understanding of social democrats in power are equivalent. biggest desire is, at no time has seats koşmamalıyız. thoughts after we we must run. adamıyız We litigation., after today I have two job. My first assignment of the low in the international arena to carry the flag of the Republic of Turkey. secondary duty to the flag of the thoughts together before the major democratic local buluşmayla then usually move to maximize."


"I see the need for Turkey to meet with a big,"said Sarýgül said:"AKP, the MHP 'ye, BDP and other political parties, citizens who vote for peace, for freedom, beliefs, values, wants a great meeting to defend secularism. these national meeting considered the best in the coming days. the greatest desire to set aside personal whim major democratic Arrange to meet."

Barnes Ombudsman DUTY

former CHP leader Deniz Baykal, a sense that he does not want to party, whether expressed Mustafa Sarigul Baykal, 9th generation Claimed that President Süleyman Demirel. Sarıgül,"Deniz Baykal, the CHP to go in my case, leaving in the direction of the party have not heard a word. Deniz Baykal and Bülent Ecevit, Necmettin Erbakan has worked with the grace of God. Deniz Baykal had Demirel generation. I both I wish you long life. Baykal, now only has the task of the ombudsman. interested I do not think it matters, Deniz Baykal details. Deniz Baykal, I do not think talking about these issues. because Deniz Baykal, Suleyman Demirel, the generation of thousands of our citizens benefit from the ideas of the rest I think ombudsman . Deniz Baykal interested in daily events,"he said.


the Southern District of visits Sisli district, then Buldan to the public called Mayor Mustafa Sarigul here. 18 years that the CHP has started to engage in politics Sarýgül,"The late Ecevit worked with the late Erdal İnönü. Son Adnan Keskin Denizli is very valuable for me worked with. Discretion is important to me to win all of my fellow citizens.'ll Do it anyway due to our responsibility. not dividing'll integrate. most basic principle is always going to be the national interest. 180 days, otherwise the sun will rise. then the sun right side of law and justice arise,"he said. After his speech, the county allocated Sarýgül, helicopter moved to Istanbul

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