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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 20:18

Desired Botanica Political Statement

Desired Botanica Political Statement
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Bornova Mayor Halil Ibrahim Senol , the AK Party District Chairman Hussein visited Long .

İzmir news: Visit the cooperation opportunities to debate, occurred longed table in politics. Photo Bornova Mayor Halil Ibrahim Senol county organization expressing themselves had visited the building AK Party Botanica District Chairman Huseyin long , about the county board members also attended the media which contains the various problems of the district while expressing to exchange views ,''Justice and Development Party , he started political life according to since August 14, 2001 to the needs of our cherished nation and request \"service Hakka public service \"and that tirelessly incessantly with awareness , without any political differences, our people all embracing and ensure they also pushed him to produce the icraatl winning the favor .
in the cistern of this consciousness of our people was used as a picnic area by the Ministry of Bornova Municipality of space that has been allocated for 10 years , the duration of the agreement between the Ministry of Forestry with Bornova Municipality although charging, as it is now our people in various social activities in the coming period , we will provide support in the re-allocation to be able to exploit. Mayor talked with our subject . He is the we got a promise to make the additional investment made ​​our people more beautiful and the service is high for the region ,''he said. Opinion of the Photo Botanica people , needs and interests in line with all kinds of work , to produce there and solutions initiatives without any discrimination as it used to Long-President noted that they will continue in the period ahead ,''not for the sake of our mission, our souls , our Organization as well as opposition to publicize Botanica we would love to do for the sake of the interests of our people ,''he said .

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