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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 08:59

Details of Train Accident Appears in Hatay

Details of Train Accident Appears in Hatay
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In the district of Hatay Dortyol the train hit the truck in a traffic accident was found that, injured 19 passengers were treated at the hospital .

Hatay news: Hatay Dortyol in the district train crash TIR train struck when determining , injured 19 people in the hospital were treated .
Clock 20:50 queues Mersin, Iskenderun time on doing that passenger train Dörtyol'da Delta filling plant area passes through the level crossing trying to cross TR's collided . Located in the truck after the accident that occurred in three separate explosions while causing raw fuel oil , a large fire broke out . TIR attractive locomotive of the train completely burned in the incident has become unusable . Accident test the brakes on that train, the point of impact approximately 500 meters can stand .
Earlier, similar accidents that are experiencing the Delta level crossing many people lost their lives, said local residents , accidents and explosions in the houses smashed the garden walls damaged and the authorities measures receiving said. In the same region TR driver, two people doing the level crossing in the right place and that the need for trains both truck is safe for , he said.
Resulting in the accident truck driver Omar Clover (39) were killed , poisoned and train jumping injured 19 people Dörtyol were being treated at the State Hospital . Outpatient health status of the injured were reported to be better , the gendarmerie has launched an investigation into the accident .

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