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  • 06 Ağustos 2013, Salı 09:48

Detained while having fun at the disco celebrity

Detained while having fun at the disco celebrity
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Celebrities live in shock drug operation. So how to decipher the traffic was poison? Police raids that made it, and some others on vacation clubte captured and taken into custody.

Celebrities shock ... drugs, such as the police movie operation, Kenan İmirzalıoğlu'ndan River Erdogan, Mehmet Erdem Engin Günaydın ' detained dozens of e artist. If the name was familiar establishing the connection:Eray Özbal Yeşilçam'ın'kötü Man.

İstanbul narcotics police investigation carried out for street vendors in the art world has the effect of earthquake. Beşiktaş and Sarıyer ve'torbacı'diye so-called famous entertainment venues drugs were followed for 1 year sellers held In operation, the Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Engin Altan Flatbed, Peters Morning, Sarp Apak, River Erdogan names like Ilker Aksum were arrested.

Here's a step by step up the world of showbiz removes the raid:

Narcotics Crime Branch teams of Istanbul, Beşiktaş and Sarıyer about a year ago ' was selling cocaine drug-dealing gangs, technical and physical monitoring.

the telephone follow-up, drug dealers, artists, cocaine, marijuana, drug pill was performing service.

technical monitoring, famous names drug encrypted kelimelerle'mal'istedikleri parties, drug dealers were also made to the addresses given service.


ring first name Eray was Özbal player. Özbal'ı following the police, a large number of actors and singers, drug for the provision gave rise to mediate. Poison was deciphered traffic. Hemp is grown in the greenhouse at home and 5 pounds of Cihangir Özbal'ın drug pills were seized.

button pressing teams, Istanbul, Ankara, Turkey, Cesme, Izmir, Bodrum, raided 60 addresses. 22 of 31 users found among drug dealer caught celebrities.

artists passed health check Haseki Training and Research Hospital, Police Department was questioned.

blood and hair samples taken after the detention celebrities , 'drug kullanmak've'yer directed etmek'suçlamaları available.


Kenan İmirzalıoğlu Ankara; Peters Morning, Engin Altan Flatbed, Koray Candemir and Murat Eken of their holiday in the District of Izmir, Cesme taken into custody.

for breakfast AIRPORT


'Aisha Ali Loves' Hakan Yilmaz's array of fans who stood in his breakfast in Bodrum, Gundogan taken into custody. Yilmaz learned that her husband wanted to washing.

'I came to get information I DO NOT KNOW'

Securing brought

Sarp Apak, "Why Were you arrested?" in the face of the question "I do not know, I'll take the information" said. Ilker Aksum players who had been detained were released after the police statement.

soon you will learn

Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, members of the press at the entrance seat undergoing health checks"Why Were you arrested" question "soon find out" answered

enjoying the disco police arrived, resisted

Player Libby Özpirinçci, 4:30 in the morning while having fun in a disco in Bodrum ranks were arrested. Özpirinçci a while resisting the police, and then put on a plane to be brought to Istanbul.

'Engin SUS PUS

Famous Players and Engin Engin Altan Flatbed Morning , was detained in Izmir. Flatbed and brought to Istanbul by air yesterday morning, a plainclothes police officer was taken to the Istanbul Security Directorate tool. The duo is insistent questions left unanswered.

actress and singer 26

of famous names were taken into custody, Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Libby Özpirinçi, River Erdogan"The European Side"series"Burhan Altintop"Peters portrayed the character Good morning,"Lie the World"series"Order"in character Sarp Apak,"Foreign Groom"series"Ruşen"playing the character Ilker Aksum,"Very Fine Movements"in making and playing"Black Adder"series"Şiro"Sahin Irmak portrayed the character,"Yahşi Cazibe"series"Bob"in character Hakan Yilmaz, in the same series of"Peace"in character Ozyol Gokce,"Judge Beyo"singer's song departing Mehmet Erdem, Rock Group Koray Orçun Kargo Candemir singer, player Erika Terzioğlu, ICC (Beşiktaş Cultural Center), Ersin Korkut players and the"Live Money"program, Engin Altan Flatbed server are also available.

Ilker Aksum names in custody, was released safety are ... Aksum, told reporters at Police Headquarters on departure, "I have expressed on Phone speeches. I had problems with motorcycles and other things. There is no problem for me, I'm comfortable" , he said.

Detained while having fun at the disco celebrity" comments for.


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