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  • 29 Ekim 2012, Pazartesi 14:45

Detectable with the naked eye diseases

Detectable with the naked eye diseases
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British scientists have developed a sensing device which allows the diagnosis of diseases with the naked eye.

high school in Imperial College London scientists have developed a prototype sensing device, diseases and viruses that will enable a more precise determination of the initial phase provides the opportunity of making measurements.

Scientists have developed a visual sensing technology, the initial stage of prostate the diagnosis of cancer and virus infections, including HIV used in medicine as a so-called gold standard provides methods reported 10 times allow for more precise measurement.

Scientists through the device, developed tools and devices needed to identify diseases is limited, countries, cheaper and more simple for patients with the diagnosis and early treatment will have their said.

head of the research team, Professor at Imperial College London's Department of Materials and Bio-Engineering. Molly Stevens said in a statement,'' retroviral treatment and new cases of infection control, to assess the improvements recorded at regular intervals of patients to undergo medical tests is of vital importance. Unfortunately, methods for determination of the present disease called the gold standard in medicine, can be extremely expensive for countries with limited resources. In order to allow better monitoring of our many illnesses which provides more medical testing approach makes it possible to more precise measurements, does not require sophisticated equipment, and ten times cheaper,'' he said.

Scientific study, the sensitivity of the device in the blood p24-called biological determinants of HIV leading to AIDS researchers have tried on the device, low levels of p24 levels in blood samples from patients exposed to the virus occurred so sensitive that can detect very small changes, he said.
Scientists at the moment of HIV diagnosis used as the gold standard for the diagnosis of HIV elisa test and the nucleic acid-based test, stressed that it is not possible to make such precise measurements.

device biological determinant of prostate cancer Prostate specific antigen (PSA) test on stating that researchers have developed device, the biological markers unique to detect unknown viruses and other diseases şekillendirilebileceğinin again underlined.

housing a single-use device that works by analyzing blood-derived serum. Analysis of the results of the serum p24 or PSA is a positive solution in the container, which creates the blue color reaction leads to the formation consists of irregular clusters of nano-particles. In cases where negative results are divided into the shapes of nano particles in solution in the form of balls of a color is reddish. Both reactions can be seen with the naked eye also.

Research article published in the scientific journal Nature Nanotechnology's Dr. contained in the delegation. Roberto de la Rica, said in a statement on the sensitivity of the device,'' I used to not being able to detect HIV infections and cancer have developed a medical test that we believe will enable the determination of indicators. This means that patients başlanabileceği treatment,'' he said earlier.

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