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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:50

Dev Platform project from the Marmara Oltului

Dev Platform project from the Marmara Oltului
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Oltului prepared Marmara Platform project at home and abroad are preparing to Oltului in a directory .

Erzurum news: \"Sura'< strong> < strong> THE CHILDREN \"name will be published study preparations in full swing in progress.
Historical and cultural accumulation and the Oltu Council of the Government as a great heritage heirs in a manual collection is intended project'Sura' tHE CHILDREN \"name at the end of the publication is planned.
\"Oltu Council from the Government today, \"sub-titled ongoing preparations study required countries both inside and outside the country in various fields, countries that serve a certain know-how and equipment with which they represent , and their position as prominent Oltului in these guidelines will be collected .
Meanwhile, preparations for the ongoing work in the final stages in 2014 in late November with a cocktail introduction is planned.
PROJECT is a first the distinction
a first , which is the result of this project Oltu from the bosom of the politicians, bureaucrats , academics and businessmen in a directory listing collect minded Marmara Oltului Platform work at full speed continues .
Marmara Oltului Platform President Fatih Hiçdurmaz ever such a study was conducted lack of a major shortcoming and said, \"with this project our values ​​recorded receivables and the sacred heritage successors future generations will introduce you ,\"he said .
our values ​​in this study will bring together
Oltu Observer Newspaper and news site with the contribution will implement the project's infrastructure work continuing at full speed that transfers President Hiçdurmaz , \"our goal from Republic of Turkey ago Oltu , the Council of the Government with the name of a state to establish potential and that the state he carries on the legacy of our ancestors who also today , in that spirit that carries the gene and the ability of the current generation of valuable precious sons gather together in this book . Considering the astonishing world of Turkish history that glorious victory of the Council of the Government to establish in Olten skill, ability and the courage that the heroes of today's grandson , son aim to recognize everyone . In order to realize this project are making a serious infrastructure work . Of course, our incomplete and will be the ones not reached . To a certain stage from our project , will support , will contribute to everyone thank you in advance . \"He said .
about 3 months ago began preparations for projects ended point that transfers Marmara Oltului Platform President Fatih Hiçdurmaz many other cities and towns before in this type of work with their own people in a directory listing that they collect so these values ​​to future generations to shed light in the sense kept alive told.
sTUDY DRAFT 15 NOVEMBER going to be completed
Oltu required in the county as well as the county outside politics, bureaucracy , academics from work life to many valuable of the people that the emphasis Hiçdurmaz , \"They are precious people by training the country to serve the honor of the distinguished from the bosom of our county and the Oltu this valuable by future generations of our people have the greatest desire to be recognized and samples . This is what our people succeeded , where they arrived with their own means and what they are doing now in this guide will collect . Also in this study, historical and cultural documents and documents related to our Oltu will take place. Located in the directory until November 15, 2014 for those who want both phones we need to CV to the address , a current photograph , containing the thoughts and feelings will be enough to send documents . \"He said.

Dev Platform project from the Marmara Oltului" comments for.


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