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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:39

Developed Multikopterl Mapping Study

Developed Multikopterl Mapping Study
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The unmanned aerial vehicle developed and manufactured in-house slap Technopark ( multikopt are ) passing began to be used in mapping studies of successful flight tests .

Tokat news: Photo slap in Technopark was established under the name of the company within Teknomar GO Geomatics Engineering Department Asst. Assoc. Dr. Single Sesame, GOI Assoc . Dr. Omer Alper White Lightning and Development Officer has signed a policy . Sensor after about 2 years of R \u0026 D activities through the use of their software by placing the bin has a range of 500 meters , was produced by developing the ability to fly in all weather conditions except the multikopt rain and snow. 20 minutes and 25 hectares that remain flying in the air that can scan photos multikopt is able to deliver sharp images obtained computer . Officially flight 238 which multikopter to Teknomar GEO1 name given, began to be used in the mapping area . Hovering over the photo coordinates entered by attracting multikopterl made ​​to the work of cartography Vice President Metin Tokat Municipality Parker, closely followed. Photo Teknomar Advisor Assoc. Dr. Ömer Yildirim, Teknomar GO1 said unmanned aerial vehicle actively start working after the unmanned moving from a lack of air tools within Technopark Joint-Stock Company located in the GO within their established Teknomar companies and nearly 2 years of R \u0026 D activities in Turkey. Multikopter all parts of the aerodynamic structure that expresses tailored to the Lightning, \"able to speak to similar examples in the world, but in our country we do not think that the unmanned aerial vehicle from the bar features made ​​in this context. Auto pilot control or with manual flight characteristics . The copter to hexane can use map for There is a de 8 a version can run heavier loads motor . can automatically end with the all . the route you have created your office work can automatically end . Thousands have 500 meters range , he can fly in all weather conditions except rain and snow. these tests were successfully passed . apart from this, landslides , monitoring social events, cartography , image photography , monitoring of mines , we can use a very wide range , such as removal of volume calculation , \"he said .
GO Geomatics Engineering Department Chair and Managing Director Asst. Assoc. Dr. One of Sesame, the unmanned aerial vehicle developed by stating that they intended to do different purposes and mapping operations, \"developing these devices in mapping the different branches , we aim to achieve better results . We have prepared a project with this purpose KOSGEB channel. This project level, a device may be used in some countries has been accepted we plan to produce , \"he said . Photo Alper Ak is responsible for R \u0026 D in Turkey hobby similar to the one used as the external appearance of multikopter said. The multikopter their own produce , underlining that the autopilot system in the distinctive feature is the Ak , gave the following information:\"We do not buy this system as ready as other friends. I put the sensors own I want to take on it main board. Hence the call can that'I did that'. because my design I , with the sensor I want. I have a software which is open in, but my who has all the tasks that take we give so wanting to do them develop and complete . our device made ​​official as 238 flight. we encounter any questions. we provide commands to a device capable of fulfilling . for that'this matter first in Turkey'call. Because this subject love with which friends are doing some things but operate flights stretching beer taking their make ready their autonomous systems. but the software within this tool we do and sensors, bort and electronic part is completely us a device belong. \"


Developed Multikopterl Mapping Study" comments for.


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