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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:17

Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz in Ardahan

Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz in Ardahan
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Ardahan Province AK Party Speaking at the meeting of the Consultative Assembly Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz, \"The fate of the AK Party has coincided with Turkey's destiny ,\"he said .

Ardahan news: Photo from Ardahan Minister Yilmaz, provincial advisory council of the party attended the meeting . Adult Education Centre Minister Yilmaz Speaking at the meeting held on , \"In recent days , Turkey us in the last week , this beautiful homeland, our negative way , both wanting to take unrest own in wanting to show bad in the international sense , is organizing a number wanting to show restless, Turkey's pre-cut to working are trying to slow the march of Turkey , \"he said .
Minister Yilmaz, \"Turkey has overcome much danger the last 1.5 years. starting with the trip incidents , 17, continued with December 25 continuing with the latest this Kopani a we had a lot of incidents. different reasons, tried to confuse Turkey with various excuses , Turkey tried to intercept , with Turkey's sought to slow down the walk, but thankfully our people support, we have survived all this disaster on them one by one with the prayers of our people. at the last presidential elections local elections in Turkey by completing the political stability can not impair any power , we show the support of the public space to friends and foes alike will continue to vigorously way this administration. I thank everyone who supported us , especially Ardahan for it, \"he said.
\"Turkey's fate with the fate of the AK Party was no longer overlap. AK Party succeeds Turkey will succeed , \"said Minister Yilmaz, said:Photo \"With the presidential election he closed the old Turkey book, we enter a new one in Turkey , but the new Turkey's construction period begins in 2015 elections. When these elections the AK Party received the support of our nation in a powerful way God willing we will do our all and we'll walk the rest of the 2023 reform . How to democracy in the last 12 years, the economy , foreign policy if we signed a number of reforms of social policy, how that if we transform our cities , our people if we brought a very different point we want to achieve in the second period. It will do in a human-oriented way . We call people-oriented development we . We want to better educate our young people , we want to educate our children better equipped. We want to make our standards better physical infrastructure we want to better functioning of our justice system. Each field in a more competitive , more innovative , added value we want to build a higher economic structure. Now Turkey knowledge-based , technology-based economy , we would get a . We want to raise its share in the production and export of high technology . Advanced services are going to be a country in every field from agriculture , manufacturing, and the whole area , we want to carry out reforms that work . 2015 critical for it. Therefore, the AK Party is really extremely important. AK Party in Turkey will be strong get stronger . Stable solid AK Party , Turkey're going to be in unity that continued on his way . Turkey's fate with the fate of the AK Party was no longer overlap. AK Party, Turkey succeeds succeeds. \"Photo Meeting continued to be closed to the press later .

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