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  • 30 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 15:36

Development Minister Yılmaz in Tunceli

Development Minister Yılmaz in Tunceli
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Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz , Tunceli on the last day of Ramadan visited.

Tunceli news: Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz , Tunceli on the last day of Ramadan visited. Tunceli Governor on his arrival at
Skate and other officials welcomed by Osman Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz , after the governor signed the book of honor of the city's problems related to the governor's office and received a briefing on what to do . In statements to reporters after briefing the Minister Yilmaz , the last 3-4 years by development agencies made ​​significant investments in Tunceli said . Investment and development to continue in the solution process, which emphasized the importance Minister Yilmaz , \"The last one and a half two years thank goodness peace and tranquility there . Past as painful events do not hear . Therefore we are very happy. Because one man's soul more than anything else is precious. All ideology also is more valuable than all of all the more valuable. Tunceli Dersim people how much emphasis we all know that . here people everything in the center . man's soul, man's welfare paramount . these processes both our people to be safe as well as investments here attracted in the sense that peace and tranquility is crucial. tranquility in an atmosphere side our differences as a richness we see and fundamental rights , freedoms are developing . the one hand, the unity , solidarity reinforces the fact we are . law within the state , within universal values ​​that are strengthening . this is just ethnic identity associated with this process not an event , this democratization . interdenominational also very important in terms of relationships . In Turkey, we want to get anyone discrimination . No one is excluded unless the displaced are not , no one reverse viewed in a context where unity and togetherness our country's development we want, \"he said.
sectarian conflict in the Middle East are trying to remove the voicing Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz , \"sectarian conflict in the Middle East are trying to remove . People are trying to reduce to each other . For different interests , political or economic interests are trying to do it for . But as we all elements of their society, our hope will not allow . We will be vigilant , we will be vigilant against provocation . They are not an easy process , but I believe this is the land of ancient soils. We live on a civilization that goes back thousands of years . I hope that in the spirit of civilization in the most powerful way we will build our brotherhood . Kurmanji , Zaza, all ethnic groups, the Sunnis and Alevis by all sects , all religions with Muslims only , informal Muslims who live on these lands if the future we will build together . Our energy , our strength will spend with each other bickerings . Our energy, our power, our country together ; our region , our region reconstruct spend hope we will , \"he said .
Visit to the Governor Governor Osman Skate, Minister Yilmaz gave a plaque.
Visit to the Governor after the Tunceli Municipality , artisans, and the AK Party provincial offices also will visit the Minister Yilmaz then from there by road to the town of Bingol Pertek will pass.

Development Minister Yılmaz in Tunceli" comments for.


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