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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 09:18

'Development of Islamic Law and Jurisprudence'Conference was given

'Development of Islamic Law and Jurisprudence'Conference was given
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Malatya Inonu University Faculty Assoc

Malatya news: Mehmet somebody,''Islamic law of development and precedent gave the conference .
Unity Foundation Malatya Branch Center The conference , Battalgazi Governor Vedat Yılmaz , Arapgir Mayor Haluk Cömertoğlu , Unity Foundation Malatya Branch President Sadi Ergül, Unity Foundation Malatya Branch management and members, managers and citizens attended public institutions .
Assoc Mehmet somebody, at the conference , summarizing , said:''People to teach the principles of right belief and right conduct form is located in the front row in the basic purpose of the religion of Islam. Therefore, the provisions governing the actions reflected outward man , the Koran and the rules prescribed in the Sunnah holds a special place in the poem . Hz . The Prophet , in the context of the prophetic mission , faith basis , as well as members of God need , both with the public , as well has notified the rules governing their relations with each other. Then these rules \"fiqh \"name space , we see that systematized in a separate disciplinary framework . Hz . The Prophet (d. 11/632 ) period , represents the starting point of the process of formation of Islamic law. During this period, the man's hat , which constitutes the main axis of Islamic law have been revealed in the verse , the Prophet. What is understood by the Companions of the Prophet and taught generations how to apply . Hz . Prophet had some savings from time to time be considered under case law , has set an example to his Companions in this context. Companions generation of lawyers in the light of this experience, the Prophet. After the Prophet's death, the Qur'an and Sunnah can not find the solution in the event they decide by case law on these two sources of light .''

'Development of Islamic Law and Jurisprudence'Conference was given" comments for.


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