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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:57

Development Workshop was held in Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality

Development Workshop was held in Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality
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Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and the IMO-led Branch , other professional chambers and need intensive katılımyl Reconstruction Workshop was organized for the technical staff of both public and private institutions and organizations.

Erzurum news: Photo agenda as the discussion of the city's 1/5000 like plan , Urban Renewal Projects in the structure of the position of the control system and the current zoning application to the metropolitan municipalities of view of the topics identified the opening speech at the workshop Mayor did Mehmet the tab. Tab \"to get out into the city we live through plotting the future . Thank you for your participation in this workshop we exchanged ideas for our development plans we plan for the future of the city in this regard ,\"he said .
Later Mayor Mehmet Sekmen` in Development consultant architect Mehmet plans made ​​to the Eye gave information about the workshops and advanced form of questions and answers. EYES 1/5000 like plans and they plan to be completed by January 1/1000 like the plan said. 3 hours of all agenda items were discussed at the workshop . Workshop on the second agenda item, urban renewal projects in the building control system noted how the following Consultant Architects eye on will be the position:Photo \"Unsupervised no structure shall be erected . If the building consists of a control organization of civil servants there are any , and institution building, public structure. However, if the buildings institution If this is not the building is done by arguably the whole structure of the control structure of audit firms. in fact, given the response times by a company or municipality owned by the municipality and the projects that the municipality's stakeholders would be subject to even control structures , like all private companies \"Commenting about the third item of the Photo Agenda eye said:
\"If an island in the remaining parcel if the construction is completed should be done according to building it on the island. building corner coordinates and the zoning matter how attention should be paid to construction and consultations should be initiated to the new building as a result . \"Photo of Civil Engineers Branch Chamber President Ilhan Seed , thanked Mayor Sekmen and his crew organized this important workshop and in the decisions that determine the fate of the city due to the vision stakeholders professional chambers . Photo Erzurum this workshop historic reminiscent of a first Seed , this style then only that he stressed that the workshop should be continuous . After completion of the workshop agenda items with best wishes and recommendations of this session was terminated .


Development Workshop was held in Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality" comments for.


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