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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Ağustos 2013, Salı 16:48

DGS first appeared Antalya

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Vertical Jump Test (DGS) first appeared Antalya. Mediterranean University (AU), a graduate of Technical Sciences Vocational School Construction Technology Program Serhat Bakhtiar Joy DGS'de of 2013 was the first in Turkey.

Sunday, July 21, 2013 by SSPC

result of the DGS, DGS-2013, DGS Turkey SAY score in the first place winner with a score of 362178 Bakhtiar Jonathan Joy, dream come true. Serhat very happy to learn that one in Turkey, indicating that the Bakhtiar Joy, 'a regular and disciplined tried to reach my target. I tried to be thought as a continuous course when I say this. Never give up on the social event. The city, also enjoyed the campus and their student. Enjoying every occasion. All I did was sit in my system çıkmamaktı out of my program. This is the first school in the disciplinary department and at the same time made me work."He said.

Successful ones previously researched

to be successful in a job before

how people achieve success in that regard Joy said that explores, 'Listen to everyone, and then apply the formula for success, adding that his own individuality in. Do not ever give up, and not the negativity around you, focus on results. Başarabiliyorsa different ways of achieving the goals that a person ve'bir job, do not forget başarabilir'ilkesini someone else. When a systematic and disciplined, do not believe that no business can not achieve."He said.

Successful student Joy, who supported him in the process, his family, his uncle, classroom teachers, university instructors thanked.

AU Technical Sciences Vocational School Director Prof. . Dr. Akıncı'da Abraham, 'the success of our students very happy and proud. Öğrencimizdi ambitious. After that, we wish you continued success. I hope you always performs goals."He said.

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