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  • 02 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 17:35

Diagnosis and treatment of social phobia Free

Diagnosis and treatment of social phobia Free
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Nineteen May University (OMU), Professor at the Faculty of Medicine Department of Psychiatry.

Samsun news: Nineteen May University (OMU), Professor at the Faculty of Medicine Department of Psychiatry. Dr.. Hatice Özyıldız Fall, psychiatry, and neurology departments jointly conduct a study reminding"In this study, social phobia diagnosed patients, diagnosis, treatment, brain function related tests and brain MRI is free to be captured,"he said.
of research in recent years of people with social phobia compared to the healthy brain works differently than that Prof. Dr.. Hatice Özyıldız Fall,"you the following symptoms after reading yourself this disease might think and participate in the study if you think the following addresses can refer to. Diseases whether how do we know? 'Just for a second, close your eyes and enter a room that and there are some friends and colleagues what you see, consider one towards the ground are viewing and on you any garment whether you realize. 'social phobic person a social encounter when they are feeling this scenario well describes.' great shame you will hear from your room to escape'll want to go, it's going to die is like If you feel that no one see you all again you do not want. 'social phobia, an individual by others can be prosecuted concern carries social environments embarrassed or be embarrassed about the marked and persistent fear that an anxiety disorder. Persons interacting with others require their presence or action alongside others should fulfill situations are afraid of them as possible to avoid work . others about themselves as anxious, weak, crazy or stupid judgments would think. their hands or their voices tremble realize that it relates to anxiety due to the community afraid to talk may or properly speak not seem afraid that with others for mutual talking extreme anxiety can hear. Others people's hands shake seeing ashamed of afraid of what they alongside others from eating, drinking, or writing they can avoid,"he said.
community conversations in social situations, able to express themselves on issues such as shyness of a common condition that expresses Fall,"They are a great Some diseases are not covered. Even one before starting work 'if I can not is disgrace Am I?' idea person motivate and better prepare helps. social phobia, to say the people fear as well as avoidance behavior should be. Or the person how does this situation to bear itself compels great if a nuisance lives. Moreover, social phobia people fear excessive or unreasonable knows that. you really fear there can be a significant event, if the diagnosis of social phobia is not. example oral never worked with a student's grade name calling rather afraid like,"he said.
Social phobia feared situation when faced physical symptoms arise that emphasizes Fall,"These facial flushing, sweating, dry mouth, palpitations, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, stomach, intestinal tract discomfort, diarrhea, muscle tension, like trembling. Meanwhile on your mind thoughts 'I'm powerless, poor, I'm ugly, admired, not to be loved, I am not worthy to make mistakes, I have to be perfect, should, worried that I was certain I should not comfortable should behave impeccably must seem, everyone won the admiration I have is'. these thoughts which occurs after the avoidance symptoms of the dreaded media not to enter, feared media leave not, avoidance of eye contact, unrelated things can be in the form of thinking,"he said.

Diagnosis and treatment of social phobia Free" comments for.


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