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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:32

Dicle University of the'One Tree One Blood'Campaign

Dicle University of the'One Tree One Blood'Campaign
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Dicle University (DU) students to draw attention to blood donation'A sapling held a blood called'campaign.

Diyarbakır news: Campaign gave many students and faculty support .
D students of the school administration as a result of club work to draw attention to blood donation'a sapling offered a blood'from project activities . Crescent container approved by the sending school event management gave support blood collection. Di Vocational School Red Crescent blood collection container in front of the new building continues the work of voluntary blood collection with the students. Students who wish to donate blood , club students are supporting the project bulunarak after blood donation in aid of recording transactions . The announcement
the project Crescent Regional Expert Mehmet Kızılkaya, said that the 7 with service in the region as a blood center and in the region of 56 hospitals that meet the needs blood . Kızılkaya, \"Today's campaign just'a sapling is intended to support a blood'project. I had one of our projects under the scope of 25 goals prior to this. I for the 18-25 years old college youth. To inform about blood donation and were made to be directed in an orderly manner to blood donation. All Turkey launched in general'a sapling blood'project of the Ministry of Forestry , Ministry of Health and the Red Crescent is a project that was done in the cooperation with the General Directorate . All Turkey determined the number of blood donation in general will be made later if designated areas of tree planting . will be held in Diyarbakir that tree planting was set at 23 thousand 700 . at a date set by the Forest Provincial Directorate of these seedlings will be planted , \"he said .
D Technical Sciences Vocational School lecturer and Parks, Department of Horticulture President Abraham Yenigün is , up to 23 thousand the number of seedlings in order to increase said they perform a useful program. New day, \"Dicle University Faculty of Technical Sciences in Vocational and Green Landscape Club is starting an organization in the apron of the students. They do not skimp us their sensitivity . Blood subject of life is an issue. Together, we have been a joint effort . I hope efficient Diyarbakir shows interest in people and our students. The demands of our province you have to provide blood at a certain rate . we can find easily without any quest if necessary is important . during a mother's birth or are high that we need in any traffic accident. is a very important issue to meet emergency needs , \"he said .

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