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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:24

Didim Belediyespor match Manisa Ready ...

Didim Belediyespor match Manisa Ready ...
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Regional Amateur League Group 8 in Didim Belediyespor struggling to play at home at the weekend Manisa Metropolitan completing their preparations for the match as the match clock began to wait .

Aydın news: BAL
in Group 8 of the league in Week 4 Didim Belediye on Sunday, October 12 at 15:00 in Manisa Metropolitan Belediyespor'un in their home will be accommodated. Weeks on their premises preparation twice a day moaning continued white and blue in the injured and suspended footballers are not included , the target 3 points ...
coach Ayhan Stars before continuing their studies blue and white in the last week of injury so the team can not be included master Eaton healed studies , while disabled and suspended players lack the technical committee comforted .
in your own home and in front of audiences of spades 3 points will go to save the Didim Belediyespor coach Ayhan Stars \"Manisa, defeating the top row to climb want . strong team , but we our strengths are aware of . their own at home certainly we want to win .'ve made all our preparations accordingly . Taraftarımızın with the support I believe we will leave with 3 points from the match . \"he said.

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