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  • 27 Aralık 2013, Cuma 16:42

Dietitians Karakız:"You should stay away from high calorie foods"

Dietitians Karakız:
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Dietitians Mesude Karakız, high calorie foods should be avoided, he said.

Diyarbakır news: Dietitians Mesude Karakız, high calorie foods should be avoided, he said.
Memorial Tigris Hospital Nutrition and Dietetics Department officials dietitian Mesude Karakız, Christmas night, the next day people feel good about yourself for the new year healthy to start the New Year's Eve while preparing for the day with a breakfast to start, a light lunch and snacks in the evening to prepare for has proposed would be helpful and healthy. Karakız, fruit in between meals and a glass of milk or buttermilk, yogurt or a handful of nuts consumed in a small bowl should be able to express, also at regular intervals during the day water consumption should not be ignored, he said.
New Year's Eve dinner prepared in the heavy meals where meals to hungry sit on my warn the Karakız, said :"D reputation throughout the evening to wait and open the table to sit on a high-calorie foods too much to consume may cause., at least table sitting down to a short time ago 1 cup milk or yogurt, fruit and three walnuts or a fine whole wheat toast to consume will be useful. New Year's Eve of your next day's turned into a nightmare for the fries, too salty and spicy foods you should avoid. because this feature of the food is difficult to digest. Digestion and the circulatory system is tired, stomach tension, bowel problems and blood pressure imbalance causes. that the main food for fish, grilled, baked or steamed as skinless turkey or chicken may be preferred. near garnishes the vegetable platter, various cheeses, a handful of cookies or baked mushrooms can be tiny."
New Year's Eve draws attention to the importance of the choice of dessert Karakız, if you consumed dessert at the end of the night, instead of milk or fruit in syrup sweet dumpling should be noted that you prefer. Instead of dessert fruit or ice cream is a good option might be stating Karakız, said continued :"M EVs my fruits prepared fruit salad and a ball on vanilla ice cream, light and healthy choices. A feast and celebration as last New Year's Eve in the food, appetizers and alcohol miss your dose is very important. If you find yourself too restricting do not want to portions of the amount of small can keep your meals slowly you can eat. This way the food taste arrive, ate less you are. Moreover the next day 1-1.5 Do not forget to make time outdoors walking. this as you burn calories as well as yourself will make you feel light and energetic."

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