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  • 11 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 11:40

Dietitians Ünlüdağ:"Mineral Water and Soda is not the same thing"

Dietitians Ünlüdağ:
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Saray Special Optimed Tuğçe Ünlüdağ Hospital Dietitian, soda, mineral water and that there is confusion regarding the concept, said that there are two different things.

Tekirdağ news: Saray Special Optimed Hospital Dietitian Tuğçe Ünlüdağ, soda and mineral water on the conceptual confusion of what is available, two different things, he said.
Mineral water, it contains all the minerals and carbon dioxide along with the underground exit and natural voicing Ünlüdağ, soda potable any water compressing carbon dioxide obtained by said.
Mineral water on earth, while the layers it passes minerals from the well by taking the path that it takes, and many mineral incorporates stating Dietitian Ünlüdağ,"In this respect, mineral water, mineral-very rich while the soda natural mineral does not contain . mineral water inside, bicarbonate, sulfate, chloride, calcium, magnesium, fluoride, iron, and sodium found. This content your daily calcium and magnesium minerals need to be met also helps. however, from brand to brand in the content of mineral quantity varies. Mineral water while sodium content is low calcium and magnesium, with a high content should be preferred. Consumers' label to read information at this point is important,"he said.
Soda also mineral water in the stomach, relieving feature noted that the Ünlüdağ, mineral water alkaline due to the nature gastric acidity neutralized and that this feature therefore play an important role in the treatment of peptic ulcer disease is noted.
Ünlüdağ Dietitian, mineral water in functional gastrointestinal disease is the effect of reducing the symptoms expressed.
Days in the body in various ways, the loss of water and minerals to put in place the day 1-2 bottles of mineral water drinking will be useful said Ünlüdağ,"Normal-weight persons for 2 bottles, overweight individuals daily for 1 bottle of mineral water is advisable., but sodium intake kidney patients should be restricted, not recommended for heart patients and hypertensive individuals,"he said.

Dietitians Ünlüdağ:"Mineral Water and Soda is not the same thing"" comments for.


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