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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Ekim 2013, Cumartesi 13:00

Digital publishing is the dominant educational books

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Referred to as e-books, digital broadcasts, 65 percent this year as the Frankfurt Book Fair last year was the subject of the discussion.

A lot of digital education, distance educators

stops in Germany, particularly the publishers, including Springer Verlag, says that a large increase in sales of digital books.

65 percent last couple of the Frankfurt Book Fair This year, as it has been for digital books has been the subject of discussion. E-book called digital publications, training manuals in the dominant position. A lot of digital education, distance educators stops in Germany, it says that it is a huge increase in sales of digital book publishing.

worldwide in scientific field is one of the best-selling book publishers Springer Verlag. Books published by Springer Verlag seven thousand books a year, usually read by college students and faculty. Almost all of the lower branches of scientific publishing and book publishing. All the books in the digital environment they reach running. Even in all the books ever published in 1842 opened access to the digital environment.

Springer Verlag began publishing in 2007 the first digital books. The emergence of digital books that publishers need arises Official Sıtkı Aktas, e-books, printed books, as separate features explains:"D igital books read by thousands of people at the same time. For example, students who borrow books in libraries, universities, given that unavailable books a month. Springer Verlag books at universities who subscribe to digital books reach everyone."

increased sales of digital books, Springer Verlag. Even more than the printed books are sold. Learned much effect on the financial aspects of publishing houses to increase sales. Generally, universities, bookstores Springer Verlag, university budgets have to make sales.

One of the features that separates

print books, digital books, e-books that can be followed by publishers. Aktas who read digital books too"Publishing the books we sell are able to follow through with the IP number. These few minutes to read our books, and how many times the other."he says.

use of digital books is growing every year. Digital books published by Springer Verlag most pronounced in America and Britain. Germany ranks fourth in the list.

Aktaş, according to the former, 'I can not read a digital book, books have unchecked touch' those who read e-books, even now. Young people to communicate with a smart phone is not just to take notes, read a book, that is using the internet to enter Aktas, accustomed to a life of young people think that digital :"G reputation young people do not read books as it used to go to the library. New We entered into the era."

Aktas printed book will not in the future considering the market. Will continue as long as the demand does not exceed the specifying. Referring to the positive aspects of digital books Aktas"Only good things on the one hand while on the other hand you need not to do bad things. Such devices should be closely monitored constantly by scientists. Affect the health of people and the social life should be investigated."he says.

Digital publishing is the dominant educational books" comments for.


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