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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 20:25

Dikilil Children Safe Parks

Dikilil Children Safe Parks
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Planted Municipality, the greatest happiness of the children playing in the park, for the prevention of fall injuries make parks safer areas .

İzmir news: Crew of the study carried out with the county parks floor with EU standards with rubber coating is now more secure and a nice view is gaining.
Standing Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department of Parks and Gardens Unit the work begun by the district in a children's playground with EU standards are resolved . The study by the team at the start of the park is covered with rubber floor . Protective , shock-absorbing , flexible features thanks to the children in the children's playground injuries in case of fall , which will be in front of the rubber floor, sand and other materials, according to playgrounds stands out as being more clean and healthy . More secure play areas for children in the regulations of the Republic of Çandarlı finally made ​​a new elementary school on the playground in the garden was continued. Planning within the ongoing studies in the district all the parks floor protective , shock-absorbing , flexible features the rubber material by covering targeted.
Business experts in the by officials carefully conducted and parks changed the face of children in the safety of prioritizing applications from citizens also received great attention . Parks and playgrounds safer for Dikilili related to this investment ,'will bring our kids to the park now with peace of mind and will also allow them to play at the park . Because the municipality is doing this work now with our children's play areas and parks were changed to more secure areas . We would like to thank our municipality and our children who'found expression .

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