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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 02:15

Diplomacy in the Balkans Kinsman AK Party and the Sait

Diplomacy in the Balkans Kinsman AK Party and the Sait
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AK Party of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Istanbul on 5-6 December before the visit to Greece will make Rifat Said deputy commissioner and Secretary , met with compatriots in Greece and Bulgaria, where going to make a series of talks .

İzmir news: Opinion leaders and political parties met separately in Saitama , shall prepare a detailed report about the region will offer to Ankara. Said the two groups from the Balkans will visit Ankara in the coming days . Photo Bulgaria in the European Union's poorest country after early general election held on October 5, 2014 multi-part coalition government was formed . Elections eventually managed to narrowly missed second place and third party deputies to remove 38 People and Freedom in Turkey where the majority Hareker (MRF ) , although the coalition were not put forward any preconditions . According to comments made in Bulgaria can not be heard from long-term stability of the government and anxious due to sağlanamams a new early elections. On the other hand in the elections in Greece Western Thrace Turks had won 3 of the municipality. Greece , the Turkish deputies in parliament of Turkish origin 3 units bulunuyor.he Greece is experiencing both economic and political crisis in Bulgaria. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu will pay an official visit to Greece between 5-6 December. At this critical period, the AK Party Istanbul deputy and Foreign commissioner Rifat Said , Greece is going to engage in a series of talks ( Thrace ) and cognate with met in Bulgaria.
AK Party Istanbul deputy Rifat Said , first in the West in Greece visited the Komotini in Thrace. Then Sait going in the Xanthi prefecture , tcgümülc Consular officials, Mustafa by the Mayor Cemil hilt and Yassıköy Mayor Ismet Kadıoğlu, Xanthi deputy Ahmet Hacıosman , Komotini Turkish Youth Union officials and Friendship and Peace Party (DEP ), chairman of the separate talks with Mustafa Ali Sergeant carried out . Said, after two days of contact in Greece, Bulgaria took the newly opened Scissors customs gate. Photo Alper Aktas hosted by the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey Plovdiv Consulate held on dinner kin meeting the Mayor of Kardzhali Hasan Aziz, MRF Jabal district head Bahri Omar, MPs Shaban Ali Erdinc Hayrullah were several lawmakers and join the Mayor to be . A cognate delegation from Plovdiv in the coming days , will visit Ankara. Shortly before the Photo Quest (11 months ago ) with remarkable operating efficiency despite the start of the Republic of Turkey Ambassador to Sofia Solomon brings together beer our Gökçesu the success of kin . Kin of his father, Ambassador trouble Gokce, Rifat Said AK Party Istanbul deputy and his wife welcomed Sait Sevilay Embassy in Sofia . Said two-day Sofia contact results in the Freedom and Honor Party Chairman Korman Ismail, MRF Vice-Chairman Ruşen Riza , Bulgarian Chief Mufti Mustafa Hadji , some MRF deputies, Turkish student council members in Bulgaria, met separately with Turkish opinion leaders and the media . Said, shall prepare a detailed report about the region will offer to Ankara. Two compatriots delegations from Bulgaria and Greece will visit in the coming days Ankarara Saitta .

Diplomacy in the Balkans Kinsman AK Party and the Sait" comments for.


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