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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 01:21

Disabled 19-year-old Serhat Help Awaits

Disabled 19-year-old Serhat Help Awaits
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Izmir Karsiyaka district of a family of 5 children in the neighborhood, which is the smallest of the 19-year-old Serhat Republic Nature's drama was heartbreaking .

İzmir news: Izmir Karsiyaka district of a family of 5 children in the neighborhood, which is the smallest of the 19-year-old Serhat Republic Nature's drama was heartbreaking . 3 and a half years old Serhat Dogan 5.'nc falling from the floor , miraculously returned from the dead. However, he lost all brain functions. The remaining year and a half after the unfortunate events in the intensive care anesthesia nature, it has now become no job itself will not. Every moment is dependent on her parents and younger who love street unfortunate , while only 3 out of age to follow his life after falling from a balcony is satisfied with the decision . Sons is in need of physical therapy but no revenue Suzan explained that they could not do that too because it is not and please, you Doğan pair , \"We're taking to download our backs on our son hospital because there is no elevator in the apartment . We are raising again our backs . We want cage elevator from the balcony to the apartment for her. We have no power to make it. Both lifts we need support for both physical therapy , \"they said. Photo Republican district 6712/4 street , Acacia 1 of 5 children living in the apartment building and oblige you Suzan pair Dogan , was destroyed 16 years ago that an unfortunate incident. 3 and a half year-old Serhat that because most small children playing on the balcony with his brothers had fallen down from the 5th floor. Serhat Dogan Karsiyaka State Hospital , then was transferred to the Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital. Cerebral functions lost vegetative and a half years in intensive care units in the remaining Serhat Dogan entered did not hear the ear does not see his eyes when discharged. Bringing home the children they receive from Photo Hospitals nature pair Serhat ever raised with love and affection . Serhat again in time to see the eyes and ears began to hear . However, they can not use their hands and feet and became more and more difficult to speak Serhat life . Jonathan grew up in troubles grow . The dual nature of the lift, the apartment began to pull the 5th difficulty they take their children to move up and down the floor physical therapy . No uninsured heartbroken father oblige you Doğan if he dips in 5 butcher shop to the treatment of his children and was bankrupt. Photo voicing the challenges that many years experience oblige you Dogan, \"There is no elevator in the apartment we lived . That is why we bring take to cure our back our son. Now we we also getting older. it's hard going . we want to have a caged elevator for downloading and extracting down from the balcony for him. we need a benevolent to this issue. However, there is no social security we need physical therapy for our son is not . we are waiting for help from philanthropists in this agreement , \"he said . < br/> 5th floor without falling living a grateful mother is Suzan-born son \"our God son forgave us . we've grown so far in her love and affection . But suffering financially lack of livelihood . we lower lift our son is going to help a charitable about it. also physical therapy we look forward to support from philanthropists , \"he said .

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