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  • 17 Eylül 2013, Salı 12:06

Disabled discounted rate

Disabled discounted rate
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Mobile phone operators offering fixed telephony and internet services, including disabled tariffs will offer economic advantages.

mobile phone u, fixed telephone operators and internet service providers to offer tariffs with economic advantages for any discount or benefit from the services of non-governmental organizations working for the disabled.

BBC has disabled public opinion on the arrangements for the board's decision. 16 October , we will be open to the opinions and suggestions of the decision, the case in its present form to be approved by the board mobile operators, fixed-line operators and Internet service operators to offer tariffs with economic advantages for consumers with disabilities. All mobile operators, fixed-line operators and internet service in the Sticky Thread that those with more than 200 thousand subscribers, which will make web sites accessible to people with disabilities to take advantage of.

discount for disabled faydalandırılacak non-governmental organizations working for any of the services offered.

Study February 1 COMPLETED

Mobile the operators, location information voice service will be offered free of charge to subscribers with disabilities . Disabled subscriber's location, by phone numbers free of charge within the knowledge learned. Already served as an independent voice for disabled text message service (SMS) services like data (data) service to be offered.

studies of the decisions in question 1 February to be completed by 2014.

Disabled discounted rate" comments for.


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